Tuesday 27 July 2010

Beginners Kayaking session. Ullswater, The Lake District. Monday, July 26th 2010

Lee Mcgivern had booked a few days holiday away in the Lake District with his daughter El and had found Kendal Mountaineering Services simply by Googling Kayaking lessons.

Liking what he saw, Lee booked a half day beginners Kayaking session with us and as the pair were camping in the Ullswater valley that was where Iain decided to run the session.

Ullswater is a gem of a lake - particularly at the Glenridding end where there are many small bays to visit, three islands and also Goldril beck - flowing in at the head of the lake and an ideal venue for that first introduction to moving water skills in a kayak or canoe.

Having begun the session on Ullswater - looking at basic kayaking skills, the pair did so well that Iain decided that they had to visit Goldril beck to learn some moving water skills too and both Lee & El absolutely loved it,

As can be seen in the final shot, the weather was not ideal for a camping holiday in the Lake District but it was perfect for having a kayaking or canoeing beginners course on any of the area's lakes.
Whilst there were on occasion, light showers, Ullswater was flat calm and it was warm. After the recent heavy rains, the lake was at such a level as to make the lower reaches of Goldril beck an easy place to teach canoeing or kayaking skills on moving water. So, who says you can't have fun in The Lake District on a wet day!
For those damp days - check out our canoeing & kayaking half day sessions or come ghyll scrambling or canyoning with us. Lee & El were not dissapointed with their introductory Kayaking session with Kendal Mountaineering Services and Iain can assure you of a great experience too!
We have plenty of availability for these activities during the summer holidays so call us on 01539 737332 or visit the website at http://www.kendalmountaineeringservices.co.uk/
and check out our Kayaking & canoeing courses at http://www.kendalmountaineeringservices.co.uk/pages/kayaking.php

Tuesday 6 July 2010

Stag & hen events, ghyll scrambling in the Lake District, Stoneycroft Gill, Keswick. July 3rd 2010.

When Helen Griffiths was looking for something with a difference whilst organising the hen event for her mate Charlie, she found the Kendal Mountaineering Services website and liked what she saw.

As a result Helen booked a ghyll scrambling session with us some months back although Iain had no idea it was a hen party until he turned up on the day.

Water levels here in The Lake District have been low for some time now and even though the party were staying in the Ullswater area, Iain felt that water levels were so low that he would have to take the group elsewhere and he decided that Stoneycroft Gill near Keswick would be the best option for the ghyll scramble - good choice!

In the first photo, Charlie, the hen, resplendant with veil & garter, slides down the first significant fall in the gill whilst the group looks on. Water levels were still low but Stoneycroft gill has a lot to offer everyone and Kendal Mountaineering Services are now able to offer you even more from this fantastic ghyll scramble as you'll see if you read on!

The gill starts off gently with some small waterfalls, shallow pools and well vegetated banks bearing lots of juicy bilberries if you happen to be there at the end of July.

As you descend the gill the waterfalls get higher & the pools get deeper until eventually the one on this photo is reached where swimming is mandatory unless you are about 7 feet tall.

Here, some of the party enjoyed a thorough soaking as the pool presented a good opportunity to cool off.

Shortly after this point you reach the first true jump into a deep pool. We encountered several other parties in the gill on this Saturday morning but were able to pass them all as we made our way down to the most technical & challenging part of the gill - the lower gorge.

Kendal Mountaineering Services is now able to offer the ghyll scrambling session of Stoneycroft Gill as a true canyoning descent since the lower gorge with its previously impassable waterfalls has been bolted allowing suitably qualified staff to offer this option.

In the picture right - one of the party gets lowered down the second main waterfall of the lower gorge leaving one more small fall to slide down into a deep pool before entering the narrow canyon almost at the end of the trip. In the shot above, the girls pose at the end of the gill before giving each other a thorough ducking. Charlie's garter & veil did well to survive the session! After this we all got out and dried out in the sun. Everyone was glad of the hot drink provided by Iain as despite it being a pleasant day, we had just done a long session in the gill with everyone getting thoroughly soaked. The girls enjoyed their session with us in Stoneycroft Gill and Iain hopes that the rest of their hen weekend was just as much fun.

To find out how we can make your Stag or Hen weekend a memorable event check out http://www.kendalmountaineeringservices.co.uk/pages/henandstag.php