Tuesday 17 June 2014

Cuillin Ridge Traverse Trip. September 6th - 13th 2014 - why you should book a place on this course!

Between May 10th & 17th 2014, we successfully ran our most recent Cuillin Ridge Traverse trip to the Isle of Skye on the west coast of Scotland.

On this occasion we were successful in getting our five group members to the top of nine of the eleven Munro Summits (3000 feet+ summits) to be gained on the Cuillin Ridge and successfully traversed approximately three quarters of the 13 kilometre ridge. Photo one shows the group left to right - Steve, Alison, Helen, Al & Don at the head of The Great Stone Chute at the end of day one
Our Cuillin Ridge Traverse Trips are run on a small scale personal basis with only two trips being arranged each year. The cost per person is only £425 for seven nights self catering accommodation and includes four days of guiding on The Cuillin Ridge with Iain Gallagher, Mountaineering Instructor who has considerable experience of guiding people across the ridge.

Accommodation is in our comfortable base near to Carbost - famous for it's Distillery and it is only a very short drive from here each day to The Cuillin Ridge.

Photo three is of the sunset from the cottage looking across Loch Bracadale to McLeod's Tables - this has to be one of the best views on Skye!

The cottage sleeps 6 - 7 persons in four bedrooms and has a comfortable lounge, bathroom with sink shower & toilet and a well equipped kitchen.

Each day we return from completing a section of The Cuillin Ridge to enjoy a communal meal and to get a good nights sleep before venturing out the next day to continue our traverse of the ridge - weather permitting!

The Cuillin Ridge is famous for it's narrow ridges and airy crests. The route we follow (generally from South to north) involves arriving at the first Munro (Sgurr Nan Eag) and continuing the traverse over four days returning - where possible, to the point where we last left off.

Points of interest a long the way include the Thearlaich Dubh Gap involving a 10m abseil descent into the gap and a polished 20m climb out of the other side. Further on, the traverse between Sgurr Thearlaich and the summit of Sgurr Mhic Choinnich provides some tricky scrambling along Collies (Harts) Ledge.

The next point of interest is the Inaccessible Pinnacle - the true summit of Sgurr Dearg - one of the Cuillin Munros seen here in photo four. The route to the summit is up the East Ridge - some 70 metres of exposed yet easy climbing. Descent is a mere 15 metres from the Bolster Stone down the west side.

Further on, the traverse between Sgurr Na Banachdich and Sgurr a Ghreadaidh provides some interesting exposed scrambling; and the traverse of Sgurr a'Mhadaidh's four tops involves further roped climbing. (photo five)

After this there is still Bidean Drum Nam Ramh's 3 summits to traverse - involving 2 abseils and it is only once past An Caisteal that the way on to Bruach Na Frithe eases. However, further ropework is required to get you up and down the West Ridge of Sgurr Nan Gillean.

Where possible, we will attempt to get you across all of these obstacles as part of your Cuillin Ridge Traverse Trip as well as traversing as much of the ridge and gaining as many of the Munro tops as we can. This, however, depends on the ability of everyone in the group and of course, the weather.

Are these trips worth joining? Absolutely - when you think of the cost and what the trip entails. You need to be prepared to work as part of a team as this is what you will be - working with each other and in conjuction with Iain who will be guiding you  and looking after your safety on the technical secions of the ridge. Ideally, you will be fit, have a head for heights and will have had previous expeience of scrambling

Teamwork is also required at the cottage where everyone provides a meal for everyone else and mucks in with the cleaning up.

It is not all hard work though. Our daily excusions to the Cuillin Ridge are done at the pace of the group and each day is organised by Iain to give you the best opportunity to achieve success on the ridge. There will also be two days off during the week where you have an opportunity to discover all else that Skye has to offer. Our Cuillin Ridge Traverse Trips allow you to enjoy yourself and relax as well as enjoying the exhilaration that this - the best mountaineering excursion in the UK has to offer

So what did this May's group think? Read on below and if you would like to book a place on the next Cuillin Ridge Traverse trip running betweeen the 6th & 13th September then contact us here.

Alison Laws

I'd wanted to play on the Cuillin for years and was due to go on KMS's Skye trip in September last year but, inexplicably, no-one else booked so Iain had to cancel it. I was therefore really excited when I was able to get on this month's trip at short notice. The weather was mixed, but that detracted very little from the trip. Iain books a cosy wee cottage with a cracking view across Loch Bracadale to the Inner Hebrides. The trip is run from this base, returning every evening for copious home-cooked food and good crack, talking about the day's activities, planning the next day's route and reminiscing about past trips. Iain has a passion for the outdoors and for Skye which is clearly evident. He has a great deal of experience both of mountaineering and of Skye, which shows in his ability to find the correct route in complex terrain in low visibility; and to keep people safe without curtailing their enjoyment. I always felt Iain was making the best decision for the group rather than himself. I think the best endorsement I can give is that I'd happily go on this trip again, having had a great time and made some good friends.

Alastair Simpson

Spent a week in Skye with the aim of doing the Cuillin Ridge Traverse and what an experience it turned out to be. Iain is a first class guide whose knowledge of this area appears to be second to none. Not only the immediate area of Skye but every island situated off it. We completed 9 out of the 11 munros and only inclement weather defeated us. As we were about to tackle the Inn Pinn, Iain's eyebrows and Helen's hair warned of the presence of an electrical storm! The cottage we stayed in was excellent and Iain's idea of each client (although at no time did we feel like clients) preparing the meal each night was a great way to bond and relax after a hard day on the hills. One thing you should be prepared for is, at the most inopportune of times, say balancing precariously on an abseil, Iain will ask you to wait there while he takes yet another photo!! Seriously, if you've ever considered Skye, or any outdoor activity, KMS has it covered. What I must also mention is how fortunate we were to have such a good group. Despite the wonders of the Cuillin and Iain's expertise, I was incredibly fortunate to share it with Alison, Don, Helen and Steve. Don't think about it...do it!

Helen & Don MacDonald

The Cuillin ridge in May - what a great adventure! The ridge could turn into a challenging environment pretty quickly when the weather turned, and as a generally happy scrambler I was glad to be led by such an experienced guide. Iain knows the ridge inside out - keeping us safe and moving smoothly, but also picking routes that felt adventurous and fun. Iain's experience ensured we really made the most of the exciting scrambling the Cuillins offer. The cottage is lovely, and the trip is great value too. Book a place now!

Steve Smith

If, like me, you are just the average hill walker with no climbing expertise and limited scrambling experience, but have set yourself the target to climb all the Munros. Have you thought about how you will reach the 11 Munros on the Cuillin Ridge, Isle of Skye? From what I have read and now seen you will have no chance unless you know an experienced climber with knowledge of the Cuillins. Iain Gallagher of Kendal Mountaineering Services is just such a man. He has a lifetime of mountaineering experience along with a detailed knowledge of the Cuillins including safe scrambling routes along with entry and exit routes to take the safest option whatever the conditions might be or indeed change whilst out on the hill.
I found his services on line and paid the £425 for one weeks accommodation and 4 days guided walking (scrambling and climbing) in the Cuillins. Excellent value. 4 days guided walking alone could cost you that much. This price really includes food as well, because each member of the group, including Iain, supply a home cooked meal each day, creating a brilliant atmosphere and get together at the end of the day with everyone else in the team.
A team is just what you are part of, supporting each other throughout the day ensuring each and every one of us reaches our own goals as well as at times being extended outside of our own comfort zones and edge of achievable limits.
A brilliant experience. No kickbacks or commissions, but I cannot recommend this trip highly enough and thanks Iain most sincerely for enabling me to extend myself beyond limits I never thought possible. As I have read somewhere "you do not know your limits or what you are capable of achieving until you start to venture beyond your limits."
Iain provided the opportunity and maintained the safe environment to do just that.
As well as taking copious amounts of photographs he also records the days events on his own blog to provide lasting memories of a trip of a lifetime.
All of these endorsements can be viewed in the Testimonials page on the Kendal Mountaineering Services website.

Monday 16 June 2014

Rock climbing half day Sessions in The Lake District. Hutton Roof, Saturday June 14th 2014.

Last Saturday, Iain ran a bespoke Introductory Rock Climbing Session for Tanya Ridgewell. As with many people who enquire about our Lake District based Introductory Rock Climbing Courses, Tanya had gained a fair bit of experience at her local climbing wall at The Sands Centre in Carlise, but wanted to gain some experience of climbing outdoors on real rock.

However, Tanya was on her own and this is something most Lake District Climbing businesses would have baulked at - considering it not worth their while to take one person on an introductory Climbing Session. At Kendal Mountaineering Services, we have a minimum group size of two for either our half or full day sessions, but we will work with one person - provided they are prepared to pay the two person rate!

We are one of the few Lake District Outdoor Activity businesses to do this!

Our half day sessions start at £45 per person - so for one person to come along this means we will charge that person £90. This might sound a lot, but hopefully, we can continue and put this into perspective for small groups and individuals who may be thinking about booking a half day Introductory Climbing Session or indeed - any other outdoor activity courses in The Lake District.

As well as only being able to attend on her own, Tanya had no transport. She was willing to travel from Carlsile to Kendal & back - but was going to need transport to & from the climbing venue.

Iain was happy to collect Tanya from Oxenholme Station and return her to there at a time that meant she didn't have to wait around. Having collected Tanya at 10:30 and subsequently dropped her back at the station for 4pm meant that she actually got extra climbing time for her fee as well as free transport!

For convenience, but also because Iain felt it would fit in with Tanya's requirements, he took her to Hutton Roof. This single pitch climbing venue is actually outside of the Lake District and only a 25 minute drive from Kendal. The rock is Limestone and routes range from Moderate to E15c. Whilst the highest routes on the crag are no more than 6 metres - it was an ideal place to set up the sort of top rope system usually associated with an Introductory Climbing Session and then Iain could belay whilst Tanya climbed to her hearts content!

So there you go - the undivided attention of a qualified and experienced Mountaineering Instructor for four hours of rock climbing time at a great little outdoor climbing venue, with transport included! Hopefully, now £90 doesn't sound too steep for your own bespoke session! All we are trying to say really is that at Kendal Mountaineering Services, we will always do our best to make sure that you get get the sort of session you want!

Contact us here for any information about our outdoor courses or to book your bespoke outdoor activity package. We are happy to help and look forward to working with you.

Monday 9 June 2014

Stag Events in The Lake District. Saturday 7th June 2014.

Chris Hacket booked a Stag Event in The Lake District with us a number of months back for stag James (centre front photo one) and a bunch of his mates.

Usually, Ghyll Scrambling or Canyoning is likely to be one of the options a stag group selects as these two activities are amongst our most popular options. However, it's not often that a stag group out for a whole day wants both one after the other - it does make for a very wet day out!
Just as well then that we provide the equipment that we do for these wet activities. Everyone gets provided with a wetsuit, a cagoule (a type of waterpsorts jacket), a bouyancy aid where required to keep you afloat, walking boots to give you good grip, ankle support and protection. We also provide helmets & harnesses - helmets are a must in this demanding environment; and harnesses are required when people have to be roped up a climb to prevent a slip turning into something more serious. You might be surprised to hear that to equip everyone in the manner described costs approximately £170 each!!
We consider all of this equipment is necessary for your comfort and protection and it was certainly necessary for Chris & his mates during their all day wet session. We had rain all day as well!

All of these photos were taken in Stickle Ghyll in Langdale where we run a lot of our Lake District Ghyll Scrambling sessions. Stickle Ghyll is a great venue with lots of waterfalls & pools to clamber up and swim through. Some of the climbs are rather big and ropes must be used - the fall seen behind the guys in photo three is one such place.
Photo four sees the proprietor of Kendal Mountaineering Services - Iain Gallagher, as he belays (protects) one of Chris's party as he climbs the waterfall  seen in photo three. It's not often Iain appears in any photos as he's usually the one taking them; and that's another thing - we try to take lots of photos of you enjoying your activity session which are then passed on to you, free of charge as part of your fee!

Having also recently acquired a Go Pro camera, we are now also providing high definition video footage of your most memorable and exciting moments - once again, free of charge.

We spent the morning Ghyll Scrambling at Stickle Ghyll; and then the stag group went for lunch & a beer in the conveniently sited Sticklebarn Tavern.

We then drove to Coniston to start the afternoons Canyoning Session in Church Beck. Church beck is a great venue in a ravine just above Coniston Village and during a Canyoning Session we do a descent of the whole ravine.

Ghyll Scrambling is generally regarded as going upstream, whilst Canyoning is descending - just like the chap in photo five who is being lowered down the second big fall on Church Beck - the Miner's Bridge waterfall.

Below Miners Bridge, the ravine becomes a narrow slot with three waterfalls to be descended. The first one is part roped down to a 2 metre jump into the pool below the fall. The second jump is potentially dangerous so we often scramble down the side and swim the pool below to arrive  at the top of the final 6 metre slide down the Chockstone fall.

However, these days there is a grand finale - another 6 metre jump from the side high above one of the pools - straight down. Doing it means you then have to go on and do the Chockstone fall again.

The group enjoyed a great progressive day with us during their Stag Event in The Lake District with challenge and exhilaration increased throughout the day through a Ghyll Scrambling Session that got progressively harder towards the top followed by a Canyoning Session that was even more challenging and got more so towards the end.

As well as providing these guys with a Stag Event that they'll never forget, they also have the photographs and video footage to remind them of what they did. Did they have a great time and were their expectations exceeded? undoubtedly!

And this is why you should book your Outdoor Activity Sessions or Stag & Hen events with Kendal Mountaineering Services.

Chris's Stag group paid just £60 each for their Ghyll Scrambling & Canyoning day with us having saved £10 each through coming as a group of 12. You can do either activity for just £45 each for a half day (four hour) session - the bigger your group size, the more you'll save; and we are one of the few Lake District Outdoor Activity Specialists to provide such sessions for as few as two of you! Contact us here to book your session over the Summer, we'll be happy to help.

Friday 6 June 2014

Outdoor Activity Holidays in The Lake District June 3rd & 4th 2014, Borrowdale.

In Borrowdale 3 times in three weeks! Iain thinks that's not bad going at all as it has to be one of the Lake District's nicest valleys in which to work - with a beautiful lake - Derwant Water and the equally pretty & interesting River Derwent on which to canoe or kayak, lots of crags on which to climb; and some great ghylls in which to go Gorge Walking.

Borrowdale's got the lot; and don't be put off booking us because we are based in Kendal - the whole Lake District is our playground and we will run your outdoor activity Sessions & Skills Training Courses in any location at any time!

On this occasion, we were working for another provider with one of their clients - a primary school from Wolverhampton who come during this week every year to stay in Borrowdale at Longthwaite Youth Hostel. Today, Iain worked at Upper Shepherds Crag running an introductory climbing session for two of the schools groups (photo one). The weather was fine & dry and most of the time a breeze kept the Midges down. All of the children achieved some success at climbing and working with each other as can be seen in photo one.

On day two, rain was forecast to arrive and it did shortly after this photo was taken - just as we reached the top of Castle Crag. To get to this point we had walked two miles from the Youth Hostel, through farmland and wood to reach the bridleway in photo two which runs between Grange in Borrowdale and Honister Pass.

As we arrived at the top of Castle Crag, the drizzle started and Derwent Water started to disappear under a grey veil of rain. To the south, we could see Scafell pike for a while until that too, disappeared in cloud.

Our walk back to the hostel was taken alongside the pretty River Derwent where we spent a bit of time looking out for Brown Trout with considerable success.

After lunch at the hostel, all of the group kitted up in plenty of fleecy layers, waterproofs and walking boots as we headed off to Hause Gill at Seatoller for our Lake District Ghyll Scrambling Session.

Hause Gill was popular today with at least two other groups already in when we arrived; and another three of our groups following along behind Iain.

The Midges must have been absolutely delighted as we were almost constantly within a cloud of them. Iain's advice to the children was to constantly splash their faces with water as Midges don't seem to like wet faces that much - it worked and we were able to have a great fun Ghyll Scrambling Session making our way upstream and having all manner of fun along the way (photo three).

If you are planning to visit The Lake District in the coming summer holidays - then give us a call to arrange some outdoor activities for you & your children. These children all tried Rock Climbing, Guided Hill Walking, Gorge Walking (also known as Ghyll Scrambling) and Canadian Canoeing and we can arrange similar packages to suit you. Prices start at £45 per person for a half day session with additional discounts for children. We look forward to working with you.

Ghyll Scrambling In The Lake District. The Esk Gorge. Saturday May 31st 2014

Last weekend Iain ran a Gorge Walking Session in The Lake District at the Esk Gorge. The Esk Gorge is undoubtedly the best venue in The Lake District for this exhilarating fun activity; although, unlike our other Gorge walking (also known as Ghyll Scrambling ) venues which can be visited during one of our half day (four hour) Outdoor Activity Sessions, the Esk Gorge is very much a full day out.

These sessions start (if you are coming from the south east) with an exciting drive over Wrynose and Hardknott Pass - equally as exciting & challenging as the ghyll scrambling session itself! Once arriving at the foot of Hardknott Pass in Eskdale, travelling in to the start of The Esk Gorge is a 3km, 45 minute walk! It really is an all day adventure - in every sense of the word.

On this occasion, Iain was running the session for a long time friend and old college chum - Robert McGregor. Left to right in photo one are Robert's son Will, Robert, another of Roberts old mates - Chis & his son Sam; and Robert's other son Tom.

Upon arriving at The Esk Gorge, we had lunch at the sheepfold and then got kitted up in walking boots, wetsuits, cagoules, helmets & harnesses and then set off up the gorge. Within a minute of getting in we were swimming before scrambling up a few low falls to arrice at the first deep pool (in the background in photo two).

This pool is at least 5 metres deep and about 15 metres long. On it's right hand bank looking upstream there is a cliff from where one can do either a 5 or a 6 metre jump into the pool. It is quite safe but really challenging - the bigger jump feels a lot higher than 6 metres! Everyone had fun testing their "bottle factor" by trying these two jumps although not everyone had it in them to do "the big one".

From the back of this pool there is more scrambling up some more waterfalls and a roped climb (often necessary) to gain the next pool in photo three.
There are two jumps into this pool - one above the lads in the foreground left and one to the right of the waterfall.

Again, the pool is deep but one has to jump right out to avoid the sloping rock shelf below the right hand jump and whilst it's not hard only a few of today's Ghyll Scrambling group were prepared to try it - despite Iain's demonstrations! However, they did all swim across as you can see.

Aove this point there is a less exciting walk up a gorge to a deep pool where high on the right bank is a 9 metre jump; supposedly known as "Lemmings Leap". This is the highest of any jump on The Esk Gorge and Iain has done it once. Whilst not dangerous, the impact of hitting the water from such a height certainly stung! so we don't offer this one to any of our clients!

Continuing on with our Gorge Scrambling ascent of The Esk Gorge, there is yet another roped climb to be done past the highest waterfall and another challenging jump just above. Further on the gorge becomes very narrow and quite demanding with a further roped climb to be done up greasy rock at the back of a narrow slot (photo four).

This brings us out at our next deep pool - quite a large one, with 3 jumps ranging between 4 & 6 metres in height - great fun!

On this particular day, we had started the session late not arriving at the gorge until around 1pm when, on one of our all day Esk Gorge Ghyll Scrambling Sessions, we expect to arrive here no later than 11am. By now, it was almost 5pm with a one hour walk out and at least another hour to get back to Kendal so we called time and headed back down to the sheepfold and our well hidden packs. It only took 10 minutes to walk back to them after our 3 hours in the gorge!

Coming from a relatively flat Norfolk, doing the Esk Gorge Ghyll Scramble was probably the most challenging thing Robert and the others had done for many years. They all found it great fun!

And you can too. For the price of only £75 per person (minimum of two persons) we are happy to guide you on this, the best Ghyll Scrambling experience of it's type in The Lake District (indeed - in North West England!) and you'll get all of the equipment you see everyone wearing as part of your fee. Contact us now to arrange your Esk Gorge Ghyll Scrambling Session. We love doing it as much as you will and can't wait to return.

Canoeing Skills Training and river journeys in The Lake District National Park. 27th May 2014.

Less than a week since we were last on Derwent Water, Iain was back again - this time running a Canadian Canoeing Skills Session and River Journey.

The family booking the session are already outdoor enthusiasts and enjoy Sea Kayaking. However, they wished to learn the skills of Canadian Canoeing in order to be able to go on journeys with their young family.

As they were staying near to Keswick, then Derwent water was the ideal place to run this course for them; and the Middle Derwent is one of the few rivers to have an access agreement in place all year round!

Although the weather was somewhat cloudy at the start of our Canadian Canoeing Skills Training Session, it was still warm; and when Iain met the family at Kettlewell Car Park, the lake was flat calm So, conditions couldn't have been better for skills training.

However, once on the lake, it quickly became apparent that many skills required to manoeuvre a Canadian Canoe were transferrable from Sea Kayaking as Helen & Ian clearly already understood many of the paddling strokes Iain wished to teach them. Young James - sat in the middle of the canoe had a lesser understanding of course, but did his best to help all the same! In the end, we didn't spend the length of time skills training Iain had anticipated and just went for a short journey along the Upper River Derwent instead before paddling the full length of Derwent Water and visiting St Herberts Island along the way.

At the family's request, we had made arrangements to stop at the northern end of Derwent Water for a while to have lunch; and to enable Helen to meet up with her parents who had also come along for the family's week long holiday in The Lake District.

Over lunch, the weather continued to improve and it became clear that the forecasted rain wasn't actually going to happen. Photo three is a lovely group photo of Helen, Ian & James as we prepared to embark on our river journey down the Middle Derwent.
Our final photo from this Canadian Canoeing & River Journey Day in The lake District sees us approaching the biggest rapid on the Middle Derwent.

Today, the river was at a very nice level - enabling us to take our time and not worry about the consequences of big water volumes and fast flow.

Almost as soon as we set off on our approach to the river, Iain suggested that James might benefit more by being in the front of his canoe as really, he was unable to contribute much by sitting in the middle of his parents boat. He might have only been aged seven, but James thoroughly enjoyed the experience - paddling with enthusiam wherever he could and particularly enjoying surfing the wave on the weir just below the point where this photo was taken. James also becaome very good at reading the river ahead - looking out for the deepest channel and the route to avoid rocks and overhanging trees (strainers) - probably our biggest hazard on most river journeys in The Lake District, but not really a problem in today's low water levels.

We arrived at Low Stock Bridge in reasonable time and after portaging the boats to the car, Iain returned the family to their vehicle at Kettlewell and that was the end of their Canadian Canoeing day.

Apparently, the family booked their Canadian Canoeing Skills and Rover Journey day with us because we fulfilled a number of their requirements which included being able to rendezvous with Helen's parents at lunchtime and also being prepared to include a seven year old child in the sessions. Other providers of Canadian Canoeing Sessions in The Lake District had been less flexible and had said no to James going on the water. Well, why not? We couldn't see a problem and in actual fact, James absolutely loved it!

When booking any Outdoor Activity Session with us, you can be assured that we will always do our best to accommodate your needs - the only time we are likely to say no is if a request is deemed to be unsafe or logistically impossible; and if so - we'll tell you!

For their bespoke day out with us the adults each paid £60 and for James £45. If you are interested in trying outdoor activities in The Lake District with your family and have specific requirements or concerns then do contact us to get what you want at a price you can afford. We look forward to working with you.

Outdoor Activities in The Lake District. May 25th 2014

After our Map Reading & Navigation Skills Training Course in The Lake District on Saturday, Iain was back out the next day with returning client Jay Keshur & his mates for a Canyoning & Kayaking Activity day in The Lake District.

Photo one shows the group as we prepared to go Canyoning in Church Beck at Coniston on the Sunday morning and a nice day it was too!
Photo two sees one of the group as Iain lowered him down the Miners Bridge Waterfall on Church Beck. Canyoning sessions in The Lake District consist of abseiling down waterfalls or jumping off the top of waterfalls into pools. It is great fun, challenging, exhilarating and thoroughly refreshing as you spend all of your time in the water. We do, however, give you wetsuits, cagoules, buoyancy aids and walking boots to help keep you comfortable during all of the immersion you are likely to experience and helmets & harnesses to protect you during the abseils or jumps. This group thoroughly enjoyed their Canyoning Session in The Lake District with us.

We spent almost 3 hours in canyoning in Church Beck before getting out and going for lunch - well, the group went for lunch anyway!

Iain stayed with the equipment - hanging out the wetsuits & cagoules to dry them a bit as they would be needed for the afternoon Kayaking Session on Coniston Water. Jay & his mates enjoyed a liesurely lunch at the nearby Black Bull Hotel in Coniston before we drove down the east shore of the lake to find a suitable place from which to run our Lake District Kayaking Session. Photo three sees the group enjoying one of a number of kayaking games Iain offered them whilst on the water - all good fun and they loved it!

Some of the group hadn't paddled a kayak before and initially struggled to manoeuvre the craft. It's all a case of balancing the length & power of your paddling strokes and keeping the kayak sat level on the water. As can be seen in photo four - the team were now paddling in formation as we returned to our get in point on the lake so everyone was getting the hang of kayaking after a bit of decent tuition. Good stuff!

Jay and his mates had a great, fun filled & action packed day of outdoor activities with us and paid just £65 each for a full eight hour day. The price per person includes all of the equipment you see everyone wearing; and of course the kayaks & paddles too! We reckon our Outdoor Activity packages in The Lake District offer great value for money and we offer discounts depending on your group size and we'll even knock off  a bit more for children. So, if you are thinking of trying some Outdoor Activities over the Summer in The Lake District with your family, friends or Stag/Hen Party then contact us to get a quote. We'll be happy to help!