Sunday 22 April 2018

Ghyll Scrambling in The Lake District. April 10th, 2018.

On April 10th, we launched into the  2018 Ghyll Scrambling Season with Nucleargraduates.

This organisation have been returning to us year after year since 2011 for this activity which they use as part of their recruitment programme.

All of the young people that you see here have been successful in obtaining an apprentice-ship which will see them working for various partner-organisations over the next two years within the UK's Nuclear industry.
To deliver our input in to the Nucleargraduates programme, Ghyll Scrambling is used as a team-building exercise.

All of this group had met, for the first time the previous evening; and they will, when they start their apprentice-ships in the Autumn, be working together over the next two years.

The idea of this activity session is to impel all of the group into an experience where they will have to work together to look after each other - so we dress them up in wet-suits & cagoules, walking boots, helmets & harnesses; and get them to walk up a mountain stream.

The bed of a mountain steam is an arduous environment - you can see what it looks like in this photo and the group do have to work together to help each other up this wet obstacle course!

As part of our Ghyll Scrambling Sessions in The Lake District, we do like to throw in exciting challenges along the way where possible.

Waterfall climbing such as can be seen here in this photo is great for adding a bit of extra adrenaline and exhilaration!

You can see here why we give our clients walking boots for good grip & ankle support, a helmet to and a harness so that we can attach a rope to stop a slip becoming a fall; it's all about your safety first, comfort second; and only really when those two things are covered can you really enjoy all that this wet sport has to offer!
Our final photo sees the chap in photo three going for it again on our final waterfall of the day. He was one of only about four of this group of ten who wanted to give it a try - but that's fine.

All of our outdoor activity sessions are about "challenge by choice" that means if you don't want to have a go - that's fine; ad we wont think any the less of you for it.

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