Sunday 11 April 2010

Ghyll scrambling/canyoning half day session. Church Beck Coniston, Saturday April 10th

Iain was back in Church Beck on Saturday with Heidi, Ryan & Corey who had travelled up from Northamptonshire for a weekend away.
Heidi had found Kendal Mountaineering Services on the web, she had been ghyll scrambling before and liked what she saw on our site, so decided to book a half day ghyll scrambling session with us.
Having done the ascent of church beck as far as the chockstone waterfall, Iain & the team followed with the descent - starting at the hydro- electric scheme water take off point which can be seen in this photo.

After only 50M or so downstream
from the hydro-electric dam you arrive at the first abseil as seen in our second photo. It is only a matter of 15 feet or so although you do finish waist deep in pool at the bottom - very refreshing on a nice warm day such as this one

Below the first abseil you continue on another 200M under Miner's Bridge to arrive at the second abseil down a much higher waterfall into a relatively shallow pool.
In this 3rd photograph, Corey descends the second abseil whilst Ryan & Heidi look on.
When we arrived here another team were climbing up the waterfall - a relatively easy and exhilarating experience - perfectly safe on a top rope and also something you can do with us!
The 4th picture is an action shot taken in the narrow section of the gorge. Having completed the descent of the first waterfall Corey leaps down the second fall into the second pool. It is essential to leap well out here as the waterfall hides a rock immediately below and people have been known to injure themselves. Today Iain felt it was safe to make the jump with the party he was working with.
Finally, our last photo today shows Corey at the foot of the chockstone fall having had a session which turned out be be much better than initially expected - in fact it turned out that as us usual, we exceeded our clients expectations.
This is something we always strive to achieve. With Kendal Mountaineering Services you can expect an ascent of the Church Beck ravine followed by a descent whereas some other providers will give you one or the other option for your money, but we will always try to give you the most action packed and value for money experience possible.

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