Monday 9 August 2010

Ghyll scrambling in the Lake District with Exemouth Explorer Scouts. Stoneycroft Gill, Keswick. 6th August 2010.

Friday saw Iain back into the fray again with another group - a large one for a change! Group leader Esther Workman had "Googled" ghyll scrambling in the Lake District and had found the Kendal Mountaineering Services. Liking what she saw, she booked the group's session with us and due to the size of the group we quoted a very good price - only fair given the size of the party and its well worth remembering with us that the more people you bring to us - the more money you'll save.

Anyway, this group were all members of the Exemouth & Budleigh Explorer Scout Group and were on holiday here in the Lake District. Whilst here, other activities tried included mountain biking, canoeing & kayaking and they had all climbed Scafell Pike - England's highest peak - a truly busy week!

Unfortuately for the party, the weather during the week had been somewhat wet at times and Friday was no exception with rain visible in all the valleys around us and whilst we were dry, the weather eventually closed in on us too - but of course it didn't matter by then, we were already wet - soaked in fact as this shot shows when the group found Stoneycroft's first bottomless pool and all piled in - literally!

Further on, the chaps all enjoyed the backwards water slide and splashed Iain & his camera in the progress - not that it wasn't damp already.

Shortly afterwards, the group arrived at the first waterfall jump and at this point Iain felt it prudent to put the camera way before it stopped working.
The group continued all the way to the foot of Stoneycroft Gill in about another hour and a half and they all thoroughly enjoyed their ghyll scrambling session with Kendal Mountaineering Services.
To book your ghyll scrambling session (also known as gorge walking) with us here in the Lake District, contact us via the site at . We have plenty of availability for your groups and families and a wet session canoeing, kayaking or ghyll scrambling might be just what you are looking for in this wet weather. We are proof that you can have fun in the rain!


Anonymous said...

Fantastic time was had by all, thanks Iain.

Unknown said...

Agree with the above comment from Bob, we had a great time - thanks Iain and Alyn!