Sunday 5 September 2010

Ghyll scrambling & canyoning in the Lake District. Church Beck, Coniston, September 2nd 2010

Robert smith brought his two sons Chris & Blane together with their Nephew Johnny over from Durham specially to come ghyll scrambling with Kendal Mountaineering services here in the Lake District in what has appeared to be the start of an Indian Summer. In fact, the weather couldn't have been better for the session - as we had a warm sunny day throughout and no-one in the gill apart from us.

The first two shots show the family in the ghyll just above the get in and enjoying a swim in the pool below the waterfall marking the start of the narrow section of gorge which contains the three jumps.

Although it was quiet in the ghyll when we arrived, it was such a fine sunny day Iain was sure that another party would turn up to do a ghyll scrambling session and as things have now changed at the 1st of the three jumps, Iain decided to head up to Miners bridge - but instead of starting at the very head of the ghyll & doing the two lowers encountered in the descent before doing the jumps Iain decided to do the big lower below Miner's Bridge first followed by the three jumps - then come back out and go to the head of the ghyll and do the final bit from the dam down to Miner's bridge & then get out.

The third shot shows Johnny traversing out to Iain before being lowered to just above the first pool. This is the top jump and there is a fall of 15 feet just to the left of Blane who looks on.

This is the place where Iain always lowers his clients while others jump straight from the rock where Blane is sitting - into the narrow slot below. Iain has never liked the idea of jumping here as people can hit the narrow sides of the slot below - however recently, someone doing the jump broke their ankle in the pool below. As undoubtedly others will now decide no longer to jump here this place will become a real bottleneck as people are roped down instead and this was why Iain wanted to get here as soon as possible. Imagine if we had had to queue behind a group of 20 to get down here!

Anyway after doing the Miner's Bridge fall and the jumps, we went up to the top of the ghyll to finish off with the descent and lower on the way down to miners bridge; and in the final photo the family enjoy cooling off in the pool just above our final lower.

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed their Lake District ghyll scrambling & canyoning session with Iain from Kendal Mountaineering services. We have lots of availability for ghyll scrambling & canyoning sessions at the moment so take time to book and enjoy your session with us before the chill of winter sets in.

See you soon!

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