Monday 14 May 2012

Stag & Hen Events in The Lake District. May 5th 2012.

On Saturday May 5th, Iain from Kendal Mountaineering Services was engaged by another Lake District based outdoor activity session provider to run a stag event on their behalf.

This group of enthusiastic lads had come together to join one of their mates who was getting married soon and they had arranged a two session activity day as part of their stag event in The Lake District.

During the morning session we took the lads for a splash about in Church Beck near Coniston and the lads loved it.
Both photos one & two show the stag group getting stuck into the wet stuff although they had only booked a ghyll scrambling session(otherwise known as gorge scrambling) and not a canyoning descent as well.

In photo two, the lads can be seen taking the plunge under the chockstone fall which is usually the final challenge on one of our canyoning descents. The stag is the chap in the white helmet.

For this group of 18 we would have charged £30 each for a half day session or £55 for a two session stag day as opposed to our starting price of £70 per head - worth remembering when booking your stag or hen event in The Lake District!

For their afternoon session, the lads had booked an abseiling session. Photo three shows them all kitted out and ready to go next to the abseil site at Hodge Close Quarry in The Lake District.

Abseiling is a great challenge an ideal as part of a stag or hen event and just a real buzz at any time for anyone who likes that adrenalin surge.

The hardest thing about abseiling for any newcomer to the sport is going backwards over a cliff - what!

However, the thing to remember is that those ropes you are attached to will hold over 1 metric ton each.

The other thing to remember is that during our abseiling sessions
we have to have adequate safety systems in place that will
protect you.

You will be asked to control your own rate of descent during an abseil by feeding the rope through a figure of 8 descendeur - but of course if you were to let go then you would fall out of control.

So the safety system in place is that you will be attached to a second rope which is paid out by  your instructor as you descend - so if you let go - you'll be fine.

This stag group thoroughly enjoyed their  abseiling session with the staff team from Kendal Mountaineering Services. To book your stag or hen event in The Lake District witha difference - contact us to arrange an awesome activity session as part of your experience - you won't be disappointed.

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