Friday 13 July 2012

Ghyll scrambling & canyoning courses in The Lake District. July 12th 2012.

After Iains day over at Nidderdale in North Yorkshire, he was back at work in The Lake District running another one of our popular ghyll scrambling & canyoning half day sessions at Church Beck near Coniston.

Once again, Iain was working with a corporate apprenticeship group from Nucleargraduates on another of their welcome workshops based from Kendal.

Photo one shows the group about to start their session in Church Beck.
Nucleargraduates came to Kendal Mountaineering services looking for a corporate session which would have some relevance to what their organisation was aiming to achieve from these welcome workshops.

The organisation is concerned with recruiting graduates on to an two year apprenticeship programme which, at its end, will ultimately see all of these young people take up careers within one of the many industries associated with nuclear power production, decomissioning and manufacturing.

The welcome weekends allow people within the various intakes to get to know each other. The reason  - they are likely to be working closely together during their apprenticeships within Nucleargraduates.

Kendal Mountaineering Services ghyll scrambling & canyoning sessions were seen by Nucleargraduates as something that could enhance and add value to their recruitment workshops in a number of ways.

For the corporate customer, outdoor activity sessions can be used as part of a strategy for individual & team development.

Ghyll scrambling or gorge walking is an activity in which a number of people involved in the session (the team) have to work together to overcome obstacles, adversity and even fear.

By working together to achieve success - aspects of teamwork have to be incorporated. These include support - everyone in the team helping everyone else, communication - making sure that everyone is clear about what is to be achieved & how and trust - being willing & able to receive help from; and give help to others.

The result of impelling people into experiences such as ghyll scrambling & canyoning where they have to work together should be that they will bond as a team of individiuals and improve in their ability to work together (known as icebreaking), form new friendships and see individual improvements in self esteem and motivation. These can all have a positive impact on performance and production in the workplace.

At Kendal Mountaineering services, we have a great deal of experience in designing development training programmes around the requirements of our corporate clients.

Most activities that we offer can be tailored to offer an experience that will suit suit your needs - whether it be aspects of teamwork, team or individual development; or having a fun day out.

You can read more about the sort of courses we can offer you by visiting our website and further information can be found on our Team Building Courses page. Also you can read these reports about previous corporate events and corporate fun days that we have organised.

Should you would like to discuss how Kendal Mountaineering Services are able to help your business with development training packages then please contact us here. We look forward to working with you.

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