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Guided Rock Climbing days in The Lake District. October 6th 2012.

On Saturday, Iain met up with John Renshaw for a planned day of guided rock climbing in The Lake District.

Johns wife - Jane had originally booked this rock climbing day with Kendal Mountaineering Services at the end of 2011 as a christmas present for John. We had originally intended to run Johns rock climbing day in early May, but on the day the weather was wet and as rock climbing in the rain is not a great deal of fun we decided to postpone until better weather arrvived.

Since then, the year has fairly flown by at Kendal Mountaineering Services with us having run all sorts of great outdoor activity sessions and skills training courses for many different groups, families & individuals. However, as many will know, it has not been a good Summer for rock climbing and it took Iain & John a while before they could get together again, but this time - it was definitely worth it!

Photo one shows John at the 3rd stance on Route 1, Upper Scout Crag. Iain had originally planned to take John rock climbing at Raven Crag, but owing to a later than usual start - Langdale was already heaving with people and we arrived to find a jam packed ODG car park. This meant we had to park at the National Trust park at the Stickle Barn instead.

From here it is a fair walk in to get back to Raven Crag. John wasn't looking for a day of hard rock climbing so Iain decided Upper Scout would work well instead and we could get there and start climbing, sooner.

The main climbs on Upper Scout are great. Good holds, good rock and plenty of anchor placements make them a popular choice with novices. Hence we hadn't been there long before other climbers started to arrive - time to get climbing! We put route 1 behind us by midday and started off up Route 2 behind another party who were a little slower than us. After the crux Iain broke out left on to a rib to avoid the other pair and John is climbing this rib in photo two.

By half past two we had  finished Route 2 as well and had really done all the worthwhile climbing here - we still had two & a half hours to go, so what now?

White Ghyll Crag is just around the corner and whilst there are few easy routes there - John had climbed the routes on Upper Scout with ease. So, Iain suggested tackling a slightly harder climbing route at Severe grade as a progression; and John was keen to give it a try.
The Slabs, Route 1 is an excellent climb. One feels as though you are on a big wall and compared with Upper Scout, the rock is certainly steeper, but the holds are good and the gear placements adequate. It was a fantastic place to be in the afternoon sun and unlike at Upper Scout, we saw hardly anyone else and had the route to ourselves.

In photo Three, John climbs up to Iain at stance 3 with the hardest part of the climbing behind him. The view beyond is looking down White Gill to the National Trust car park at Stickle Barn on the floor of Langdale.

John thoroughly enjoyed his guided rock climbing day in the Lake District with Iain who had provided him with a progressive climbing experience and had taught him some tricks of the trade as well as explaining what he was doing throughout the day. John leaves enthused and looking forward to his next outdoor climbing experience - most likely next year.

Other photos taken during this guided rock climbing day can be viewed here.

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JR said...

Iain, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for an amazing and challenging day. I never imagined that I’d be climbing such a difficult route after just a few hours, but thanks to your knowledge and experience I felt completely safe and confident. You even managed to arrange perfect weather!