Thursday 29 August 2013

Ghyll Scrambling & Canyoning Half Day Sessions in The Lake District. 23rd August 2013.

Friday last week saw Iain spending the day at Church Beck, Coniston getting wet along with clients who had booked on to our popular Ghyll Scrambling & Canyoning Sessions in The Lake District.

First thing, Iain was joined by Andy Burrows and his girlfriend Melissa Harbourne who had booked the previous day and had travelled up that morning from Liverpool for the session. Melissa joined the session with some trepidation thinking that she was attending a canoeing session, however, Iain told her that she would enjoy herself and to be fair, he hasn't seen someone laugh so much in quite a while - great stuff!

We did the usual Ghyll Scrambling ascent of Church Beck (photo one) with it's swims, climbs and jumps. The pair were enthusiastic and were thoroughly soaked in a very short time!
Photo two sees Melissa about to do the slide at the end of the Canyoning descent part of the session. On the ghyll scrambling (also known as Gorge Walking) ascent - this is the point at which we get out of the gorge and head up to the very top to begin our canyoning descent.

Harnesses are donned so that Iain can attach you to the safety rope for the lower down the top and Miners Bridge waterfalls and also the top fall in the section just above where photo two is taken.

Between the top fall and the chockstone slide there is a "middle fall" with a rock in the bottom so one needs to be absolutely confident in their ability to jump out far enough to avoid this and land where Iains finger is pointing. Andy tried this challenge successfully and both enjoyed the exhilaration of the final slide. Iain has suggested that next time both Andy & Melissa try one of our Esk Gorge Trips and looks forward to taking them on this ultimate Lake District Ghyll Scrambling adventure.

After a quick turnaround and some lunch, Iain had an afternoon session in Church Beck with Andrew Dool and three of his long time School mates who were up enjoying what The Lake District has to offer during an extended Bank Holiday break.

The guys were staying locally in some handy family owned accommodation having travelled up from the south East of England the previous day. They were looking forward to doing some Mountain Biking on Saturday as well as other outdoor activities over the weekend. We hope they had a great time and at least the weather was good for getting out of doors on this August Bank Holiday weekend.

Photo three shows the guys next to the first big fall on our Ghyll Scrambling ascent of Church Beck.

The final photo in this blog post sees the guys below the top waterfall in Church Beck that is upstream of Miners Bridge. There is a section here that adds an extra 200m or so to the Ghyll Scrambling & Canyoning Session that we offer - that many of our competitors choose to avoid!

We start off off our Canyoning descent of Church Beck by lowering clients down the waterfall behind the group in the photo and then just below, there is a jump in to a deep pool. Whilst it is not a big jump it is worth doing as is the waterfall in this photo.

In all of our sessions we aim to offer you everything that can be done at any given venue as part of your fee in addition to providing you with the very best level of personal protective equipment to keep you warm & comfortable. We guarantee you a great time so contact us to book your session. Prices for a half day of Ghyll Scrambling & canyoning in The Lake District with us start at £45 per person, less if you bring more people!

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