Wednesday 30 April 2014

Ghyll Scrambling Sessions in the Lake District. Stickle Ghyll, Langdale. Thursday 24th April 2014.

After our busy Easter Weekend, Iain had a few days off before returning to the fray with one of our corporate clients - Nucleargraduates.

Photo one shows the first cohort of 2014 who had all arrived at Kendal for their two day welcome workshop. These young people are all almost at the end of their university courses and have been successful in being selected for the Nucleargraduates Apprenticeship Scheme where they will spend the next two years working within the nuclear industry before being offered full time employment.
So why do they attend a Lake District Ghyll Scrambling Session with Kendal Mountaineering Services as part of their Welcome Workshop? The reason is that in providing this session - we provide an environment where these undergraduates have to work together in a demanding environment which has the effect of bringing them closer together - something which is considered important as they will be working closely with each other during their forthcoming apprentice-ships.

Of course our Lake District Ghyll Scrambling Sessions are meant to be fun (it certainly looks like it in photo two!) and safe! With these two elements in place people can then start to learn about their own abilities and can start to form bonds - working with; and supporting each other.
Different people have a different perception of challenge and also differing perceptions of what Ghyll Scrambling (also known as Gorge Walking) may entail. Well - obviously it involves getting wet - soaked in fact! so, some people might thing it will be cold wet & miserable and hard work. We hope however, that with the provision of wet suits, cagoules and walking boots included as part of your fee that we go some way to ward off the effect of the wetness. Certainly, Ghyll Scrambling or Gorge Walking in The lake District is something that is best done in the Summer months.

For Kath Walker - the Nucleargraduates Business System Lead seen in photo three, ghyll scrambling was, at the outset, something that she would be trying for the first & last time today. However, by the time this photo was taken - half way through the Ghyll Scrambling Session, Kath was clearly starting to enjoy herself through the support and interaction she was enjoying with the rest of the group - and our support too!

The final photograph from this Ghyll Scrambling Session in The lake District was taken just below our get out point about halfway up Stickle Ghyll where there is a big waterfall to be climbed.

At this point of the session, people are roped up one at a time and of courses the challenge is dealing with the fear of heights whilst clambering up slippery rock whilst bucket loads of water pour over your head!

Obviously, this is not a place where the graduate apprentices can operate together although they can give each other support & encouragement before it's their turn; and a pat on the back afterwards. It is a place however, where one has the opportunity to realize that often, we are all capable of achieving more than we think we can and this is a most useful learning point to take back to any work place!

Our Ghyll Scrambling (Gorge Walking) Sessions in The Lake District) are ideal as an icebreaker as used by Nucleargraduates and other corporate clients and are great fun for Stag & Hen Parties, families or for a bunch of mates who are looking for an action packed & exhilarating session. Contact us today to arrange your Ghyll Scrambling Session in The Lake District. Prices start at only £45 per person for a half day (4 hour) session with equipment & instruction included.

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