Wednesday 17 September 2014

Introductory Kayaking Sessions in The Lake District. Saturday 13th September 2014.

Well, Summer has finally turned into Autumn, but the Summer weather is still with us. Conditions are perfect for doing any outdoor activity you fancy. Of course now that the Summer Holidays are over things have quietened down somewhat - but we are still fully booked up for every weekend this month!

Last weekend saw Iain out on Saturday providing an Introductory Kayaking Session in The lake District for long time friend Paul Ridhalgh.

Photo one was taken on Derwentwater after we had gotten on at Kettlewell, done a short foray on to the Upper Derwent and then headed back on to the lake with the intention of having lunch on St Herbert's Island. As you can see, the weather was great, warm sunshine and no wind!

Paul has a "proper job" working as a project Manager for BAE Systems in Barrow in Furness and his role is largely office based. He was keen to try out Kayaking in order that he might learn some skills to go and paddle on some of the rivers on Lancashires Fylde District - his home area.

As he was keen to get some moving water action, Iain arranged to run Paul's Introductory Kayaking Session on Derwentwater and follow it with a journey down the Middle Derwent.

Photo two was taken some time later as we headed down the Middle Derwent and is taken just below Portinscale Footbridge. On this section, the river is at it's most lively as it descends onwards towards Bassenthwaite lake. Today, it was very low and an ideal level for introducing a novice to the skills required on moving water.

The journey along the Middle Derwent is about 5 kilometres long and takes several hours to travel.

The rivers leaves Derwentwater through a deep narrow channel flowing slowly until it is joined by the Rive Greta coming in from Keswick. After this, a lively section, though still only grade 2 in difficulty, continues all the way to the A66 Keswick Bypass bridge.

Beyond there, the river flows at a slower pace and consists of deep pools interspersed with rapids. Some of these contain obstacles such as dead trees or overhanging bushes. Iain led the way and advised Paul as to how to deal with each rapid.

However, in photo three Paul was unlucky enough to get tipped over by a submerged root and is emptying out his kayak. No-one likes to get a soaking - but at least he got to practise the capsize drill that Iain had explained earlier!

The final photo from this Introductory Kayaking Session in The Lake District sees us just below the getout at Low Stock Bridge having covered, in total, at least 10 kilometres on both Derwentwater and the Middle Derwent.

Paul had enjoyed his day out with Iain and is certainly interested in the idea of getting his own kayak. However, he struggled throughout the day with getting his whitewater kayak to go in a straight line so is thinking of getting a Sea Kayak which might be the right boat for him - so long as he doesn't need to turn quickly to avoid a tree root!

Paul paid £160 for his day out with Iain but two people also get the same session at that price which makes it exceptional value if you are looking for a guided day out on water in The Lake District with all of the technical equipment you'll need provided as part of the fee.

Fancy trying out Kayaking or Canoeing and having a similar great day out? Contact us here to book your session. We look forward to working with you.

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