Friday 27 March 2015

Duke of Edinburgh Awards Scheme. Silver Training Expedition. Ullswater. March 21st & 22nd 2015.

Last weekend, Iain assisted with the running of a Silver Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme practice expedition for pupils from the Manchester Grammar School.

There were twelve pupils who were all using this training course in order to be able to be able to complete the D of E Silver Award Assessment which they will be undertaking on the River Wye in Herefordshire at some point in July.

Iain was brought in to assist teaching these pupils Canadian Canoeing skills during their weekend here in The Lake District.

Photo one sees Iain's group of six lads all looking at the map trying to work out where we are. Map Reading and Navigation Skills Training was part of the weekend course as the next day, the group was expected to navigation and paddle the entire length of Ullswater from south west to east!

Photo two sees Iain's group some time later. We had spent several hours in the morning practising Canadian Canoeing Skills such as forward paddling, stopping, reversing, turning and moving sideways - just such skills that we will teach you on your own Course when you book on a Canadian Canoeing Session  in The Lake District with us!

Journeying  is always a part of our Canadian Canoeing Sessions too. Here, we had paddled part way up and across the Lake to a peaceful spot known as Silver Bay where the group were required to prepare their own lunch. As you can see it was a nice day, but when that sun went behind a cloud it was chilly - despite the lack of snow visible in these photos there was still plenty high up on the mountains and still a feeling that winter was not quite over!

Photo three sees Iains group rafted up briefly whilst we all decided where to go next. After lunch at Silver Bay, the boys wanted to go and explore the south end of the Lake where there are several islands and we had just visited Norfolk Island which is the largest island on Ullswater.

A great thing about Canadian Canoeing is that they are ideal for going on a journey. Two or three people can get into one - complete with lunch and everything else that will be needed for a day out on the water. They are also easy to manoeuvre and very stable - so ideal for a family with children and great as a way of exploring any of the Lake Districts lakes!

Sometimes however, it all goes wrong when you are canoeing; and people end up falling in the water and getting wet. If you are lucky and haven't tipped your canoe over, with a bit of tuition from one of our instructors - we'll show you have to get back in again.

It is of course much easier if you are part of a group of canoeists and particularly important if you've fallen out and capsized the canoe too. Getting back into a water filled canoe is not easy as they are very unstable and even with a baling device will take an age to empty. Other group members can, on the other hand, empty the boat out for you; and then help you get back in! This is what is happening in photo four and it is just as well that others in the group were there to help - despite that sunshine it wasn't that warm and the lake was freezing!

Our final photograph from this post about a weekend Canadian Canoeing Skills Training Course is typical of many Canadian Canoeing days out. A peaceful view of one of the Lake District's prettiest lakes! This was taken on Sunday by Iain whose job is was to "shadow" the group of twelve lads as they made their way, unsupported along the length of Ullswater from Glenridding to Pooley Bridge. The day was calm and warmer than the previous day. The views were stunning!

As Iain made his way along an uncongested Ullswater meeting only the occasional Lake Steamer en route, he could only laugh at the steady stream of traffic making it's way along the distant lakeshore road!

This was definitely the place to be today!

Canadian Canoeing is a perfect activity for for families visiting The Lake District over the Easter Weekend; or indeed at any other time. It is a great way of journeying and getting to places you can only dream of otherwise. You can also use the opprtunity to learn skills for paddling a Canadian Canoe to go off and journey along a lake or river on your own!

No-one should venture out on to a lake or river in either a Canadian Canoe or Kayak without learning the skills in how to handle one of these craft first and without a qualified instructor to look after them. Our prices start at £45 per person for a half day (four hour session) for a minimum of two persons. Book your Canadian Canoeing Session with us and enjoy a great experience on any of the Lake District's lakes. We look forward to working with you!

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