Tuesday 5 May 2015

Abseiling & Gorge Walking Adventure Day in The Lake District. April 27th 2015

After Iain's Successful Navigation Skills Training Weekend in The Lake District, he was straight back out the following morning in that wonderful Lake District Office - but this time one on one with client - Roger Bolton from Hertfordshire.

Roger's wife had booked him a Lake District Adventure day with us at Christmas by buying him one of our Gift Vouchers. These are ideal for anyone wanting to buy a loved one, family or friends a special gift with a difference. We are sure you will agree - Roger had a very special day out with Iain consisting of a half day Abseiling and a half day of Ghyll Scrambling.

Both photos one and two are taken at Hodge Close Quarry in Langdale. This massive slate quarry is almost 100 metres deep if one includes the depth of the lake at the bottom. Here, there are several abseil sites all regularly used by the Lake District's many Outdoor Activity providers. Today, we had the whole quarry to ourselves and the weather was again, good.

It was many years since Roger had last abseiled, but in photo two  - here he is having a second go at the easier, but considerably longer abseil into the quarry.

Abseiling is often perceived as being a real challenge for a beginner. Lowering yourself backwards over a cliff! In reality, once one has overcome the fear of just setting off backwards over the edge and then realising that if you keep your legs straight, your feet flat on the wall and lean back far enough - you'll be fine; and in actual fact - it is a really great and exhilarating experience! Abseiling is a firm favourite for us - particularly with Stag Groups & Hen parties looking for a challenge with a difference.

Roger managed three different abseils before deciding that was enough for him. Iain was quite happy to accept that judgement from this "young" 69 year old! The other half day session of Ghyll Scrambling was to take place at the nearby venue of Stickle Gill in Great Langdale, but we needed time to get there.

Roger had commented that despite visiting The Lake District on many occasions, he had never really gotten to know the Langdale area that well, so, Iain took him on a drive through Little Langdale and via Blea Tarn into the head of great Langdale where we pulled up on the pass road, sat & had lunch and enjoyed the view in photo three.

Today was one of those great days that really makes us appreciate what we do with clients; and just how lucky we are to do those things where we do them!

At Stickle Ghyll, we changed out of our clothes into wetsuits and walking boots, put on cagoules and buoyancy aids and also helmets & harnesses before heading off into the ghyll.

So what is Ghyll Scrambling? Ghyll Scrambling is also known as Gorge Walking. Both are actually the same thing and the activity involves getting into a mountain stream and walking up it - scrambling up the bed of the stream,climbing up waterfalls and swimming through pools. The environment is arduous and challenging due to the temperature of the water and the fact that the bed of the stream is an uneven mass of rock and boulders - it really does require the very highest level of protective equipment to keep you comfortable and to protect you so that you can enjoy what is a really refreshing and exhilarating activity. Roger certainly enjoyed the session as can be seen as he climbs the waterfall in photo five.
Sticke Ghyll is one of The Lake Districts most popular venues for Ghyll Scrambling with a nearby car park and also a great place to eat and get a hot drink after your Ghyll Scrambling Session - the Sticklebarn Tavern - owned by The National Trust.

One can scramble up this fine & varied watercourse for well over a mile and there are several waterfalls to be climbed (roped up for your safety) en route.

Also, there are a number of deep pools - great to jump into on a hot summers day - in fact this is one of our most popular activities in the summer months with families, Stag Groups and Hen Parties and we also have a corporate client who comes back to us time after time to provide this session as an icebreaker for their apprentices.

All in all, Roger fully enjoyed his Adventure Day in The Lake District with Iain. This had cost only £150 for the day and had included free transport, one on one guiding; and all of the personal protective equipment you can see him wearing in all of these photos.

The price of £150 is applicable to one or two persons; or you can choose either activity for a starting price of only £45 per person (minimum of two persons) Want it for less? Well, bring more people along and you'll get a better price! Contact us for details. We look forward to working with you over the Summer months..

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