Wednesday 10 June 2015

Gorge Walking Sessions in The Lake District. Glenridding Beck. Wednesday, May 27th 2015.

It was good to have a day off in-between our caving day for the Scouts and our half day Gorge Walking Session in The Lake District with Howard Smith and daughter Sian.

Howard and his family have been coming to the Ullswater Valley for many years and had previously seen a group somewhere trying out Gorge Walking. It looked like fun and an internet search led him to our website. Gorge walking and Ghyll Scrambling are, in fact, the same activity. This involves getting into a mountain stream and walking up it swimming through pools and scrambling upstream, climbing waterfalls, where necessary with the use of a rope to prevent a slip turning into something more serious.

Ghyll Scrambling is best done in the warmer Summer months as well as in late Spring or early Autumn. How much you will enjoy your session depends on what the activity provider gives you to wear to keep you warm and safe!

At Kendal Mountaineering Services, we believe in running our sessions on the following principles - safety first, comfort second; and only then will you enjoy yourselves (that's third!) and lastly, we always strive to exceed your expectations - something that every business should do!

As Ghyll Scrambling or Gorge Walking is carried out in an arduous environment (despite that - it is still great fun!), we consider it essential to give you the right equipment for the session.

In photo two, Sian can be seen wearing walking boots to protect her feet and provide good ankle support, a wet-suit to provide insulation and protect against bruises & scrapes, a cagoule to keep the upper body warm, a buoyancy aid to provide flotation and resistance to injury from forward falls, a helmet to protect the head and a harness to attach to a rope to safeguard against a slip. All in all, this equipment costs over £200 per person and is included in your fee when you book you Lake District Ghyll Scrambling Session with us!

As Sian & Howard were staying at the Patterdale Hall Chalets. Iain collected the pair and took them to Glenridding Beck which is a nearby venue for Gorge Walking.

We started at the section below the remains of Greenside Lead Mines where there are numerous deep pools and small waterfalls to climb - some of which require the use of the rope to prevent a slip. We completed this lower section and then went for a hot drink (also provided as part of your fee). The pair thoroughly enjoyed trying out this exhilarating sport.

Our Gorge Walking Sessions in The Lake District start at just £45 per person for a four hours session and we will work with as few as two persons. As indicated, you get a high standard of personal protective clothing provided as part of your fee as well as an experienced gorge walking guide to look after your safety. You only need to bring your swimwear, a long sleeved fleece type top each, socks to wear in the walking boots, towels; and plenty of enthusiasm!

We run our Ghyll Scrambling/Gorge Walking Sessions all over the Lake District -so where ever you are staying - we can arrange a Ghyll Scrambling/Gorge Walking Session near to where you are. Contact us here to book your session.

Do you fancy a great full day adventure gorge walking - then the Esk Gorge is for you! You can read about a typical Esk Gorge Session here. The cost for this is £75.00 per person, for a full eight hour day of exhilarating wet fun!

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