Saturday 12 September 2015

Kayaking and Gorge Walking Sessions in The Lake District. September 5th 2015.

Last weekend, Iain was joined by Peter Kane and his two sons Aiden and Rowan for a day out outdoor activities in The Lake District. The three were staying in the area for the weekend and Peter had booked both Kayaking and Ghyll Scrambling - more for the lads than for himself.

Photo one sees Aiden left, Peter Centre and Rowan right as we we making final adjustments to the kayaks before heading on to the lake. This photo was taken at Fell Foot Country Park on Windermere.

Photo two sees Aiden & Rowan sometime later on the slow moving stretch of the River Leven - the river which empties Windermere. Rowan seemed quite confident in a kayak as he paddles them quite often with The Scouts. Aiden, however, was less confident and needed some coaching. Iain had chosen to move on to the river to find shelter as there was quite a strong northerly wind blowing down the lake which wouldn't have helped Aiden any.

We spent a few hours on here learning kayaking skills and playing games before venturing on to Windermere to travel a few miles around the southern end of the lake finishing around mid-day.

The afternoon Gorge Walking session was to be in a completely different part of The Lake District and involved a bit of driving to get there; including a short drive by Land Rover up a dirt track.

However, this place is well worth making the effort to get to. For a start, it is peaceful and out of the busiest part of The Lake District where we would in all likelihood, be sharing the ghyll with half a dozen other groups. Here, we were on our own!

Photo three sees Aiden and Dad helping Rowan make progress upstream. As with all of our Gorge Walking Sessions in The Lake District, you can see all three are having great fun!

Our final photo from this Adventure Day in The Lake District sees Peter leading the way up the final part of the gorge before we got out at around 5pm.

We had travelled up roughly 2 kilometres of mountain stream, scrambling up the stream bed, swimming through pools and climbing up waterfalls. The three had a great and varied day out with Iain and, as they visit the Lake District quite regularly, we hope we will see them again for some more Outdoor Activities in the future.

For this full day of Adventurous Activities in The Lake District, peter paid just £180 for the three of them with all technical equipment included such as kayaks, paddles, spray-decks, cagoules, buoyancy aids, helmets, harnesses and walking boots - plus transport in a Land Rover and supervision by a qualified and experienced instructor.

We reckon you'll do well to find all this for a better price in the Lake District and yes - a discount was applied to get the price down to this by request. Our full day activity sessions in The Lake District normally cost £70 per person but families can request a discount as we know how expensive trips away can be when parents have to pay for t all out of their pockets!

Contact us here to book your adventure day in The Lake District. The weather is still warm enough to be having fun doing either or both of these activities. We look forward to working with you!

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