Wednesday 23 March 2016

Stag Events in The Lake District. Sam Burnside & Friends. Saturday, March 12th, 2016.

Saturday March 12 found Iain meeting Sam Burnside & friends for Stag - Ollie's Stag Activity day in The Lake District with us.

Sam had booked a half day of Gorge Walking to be followed by a half day of Raft-building - double immersion potentially then; and in early March too! These lads were keen!

On the note of the time of year and the temperature, we threw in some extra warm kit in terms of neoprene gloves, neoprene wet-socks and extra fleeces; and also - an extra large brew kit so that everyone could get a hot drink whenever it was needed! Photo one sees the lads as we set off up the lower part of Stickle Ghyll in Langdale.

Photo two is taken about two hours later after we had clambered up the bed of the ghyll in to the upper ravine. We had walked up the stream bed, wading through pools, helping one another up easy waterfalls, but we had avoided getting wet above our legs tops although a few people fell in - but not intentionally!

March 2016 has been a fantastic month weather-wise, dry and consequently cold, but sunny (and warm in the sun) however, these lads hadn't brought the sun with them today. The Lake District today was cold, clammy, shrouded in mist and it was drizzling too - Urgh!

Still, Sam's party hardly seemed to notice the chill as we had them wrapped up as well as they could be. Admittedly, we could have gone one further and given them dry-suits but unfortunately, that's just a step to far - even for us!

We finished off the session by climbing up the big waterfall at the top of the gorge. As you can see in photo three, we were now in the mist and if anything, it was chillier than before - especially for Iain who was roping everyone up the waterfall. He had to stand in the same place for half an hour and had given up long before in taking a photo of everyone who was climbing. Today, this was not a place to hang around on!

We quickly headed back down to the car park and everyone got changed. We then drove over to Coniston where the lads went for lunch at the Black Bull Inn for an hour before we moved on to the second half of their Stag Day.

After lunch, a short drive found us all on the eastern shore of Coniston Water. As it had stopped drizzling by now, Iain recommended that the lads stay warm & dry in their clothes whilst building the raft.

Initially, Iain produced enough equipment for two rafts (8 barrels, 12 spars and a whole pile of ropes for lashings) but it soon became apparent that enthusiasm had waned for getting on the raft and possibly getting a soaking in a chilly lake! Half the kit went straight back in the van again.

The lads designed & then built a raft (photo four). The extension at the front with the extra barrel was meant to be a gang plank for Ollie whose mates were determined he was "going in". Owing to a duff design (Iain's fault - sorry!) Ollie didn't make it to the end - but he did go for that swim!

Photo five sees this hardcore bunch of lads some time later after they had paddled the raft out & about for a while. Ollie was encouraged to walk the gangplank which promptly swiveled so he toppled in sideways before getting on to the back of the raft.

The rest followed suite - on by one; and then they had a quick paddle about to warm up again before paddling back in to shore. Those who hadn't partaken in this activity promptly stripped the raft down whilst the others went & got dried out. Teamwork had the whole thing packed up, done & dusted in a very short time - thanks lads!

The final shot from this post about a Stag Event Day in The Lake District sees everyone enjoying a well earned hot chocolate. Sam - the Stag Event organiser is in the blue jacket with Ollie in dark blue behind him.

Sam's group were really happy with what we had organised for them and certainly; on their part - in terms of effort & enthusiasm, they had definitely given the day 200%. Well done! All they had to do now was make their way back to Keswick - the long way, around as Dunmail Raise is still closed!

Let us arrange your Stag or Hen Event with a difference for you! Browse our website for ideas about activities and ask us to put something together for you. You can choose from a full eight hour day as Sam's party did or if you want to try out an activity for just a morning or an afternoon - that is absolutely no problem! We'll even organise your catering for the day and will assist with finding your accommodation for your special event. We will also provide transport for your event too- if required!

Prices start at £75 per person for a full eight hour day of activities although Sam's group got a discount to £70 each due to the group size. Half day(four hour) activity sessions start at just £45 per person. All equipment you will need is provided as part of your fee per person as well; although lunch and transport is extra. Please contact us to enquire, we look forward to working with you!

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