Monday 13 March 2017

Stag Events in The Lake District. Ghyll Scrambling Sessions in The Lake District, Friday 10th March 2017.

Last Friday, we were out with our first Stag Group of the year and shared a great Ghyll Scrambling experience in Stickle Ghyll with Simon Williams's group of seven.

Ghyll Scrambling had been booked with us as part of the lads weekend Stag trip off up north from Stoke on Trent. After Ghyll Scrambling with us, they were continuing off up the M6 to Glasgow and we hope that  they had a great time up there.

They certainly enjoyed their Ghyll Scrambling Session in Stickle Ghyll and the weather turned out to be somewhat milder than it could have been at this time of year. We had neoprene wet-socks and gloves prepared for use, but as it happened, it felt more like an early April day last Friday; and with everything else that we gave them, the lads were warm enough!
We didn't travel very far up Stickle Ghyll before we got to the first obstacle - the lower waterfall.

There are three ways past this obstacle, the "dry way" which is an easy scramble up a rocky corner well to the left of the waterfall, the "steep" way  - a short climb up dry-ish rock to the right of the main fall and the "steep & wet way" which is the way most of our group chose to go today (photo two).

For climbs such as this, we provide harnesses and people are protected by a tight rope as you climb. As well as enjoying yourself immensely, we want you to stay safe too!

Above the lower fall, the way on is interspersed with easy sections, some deep pools in which you can get a thorough soaking and a "jump" into the deepest pool if you are feeling hardcore. There are some more sections of easy climbing and scrambling up small waterfalls along the way.

Not everyone today was keen to get a thorough soaking, but a few of the guys did do the jump! Keen and brave indeed.

Photo three sees the group at the first obstacle as we entered the upper section of Stickle Ghyll. The waterfall behind them is not a difficult climb although it looks really impressive!

Our final post from this report about a Stag Party's Ghyll Scrambling Session in The Lake District with us sees one of the team getting roped up the biggest waterfall we climb in Stickle Ghyll. A rope was definitely needed here today as it was quite slippery, but it made for a memorable ghyll scrambling session for sure.

Above here there are two more possible waterfalls to climb before the way one becomes impassable to all but the most experienced of scramblers. The lads were quite happy to call it a day at this point anyway, so we packed up and headed back to the car park; and after the group had gotten changed we provided a welcome hot drink for the group. "What will it be sir? Tea, Coffee or Hot Chocolate?" Most people go for the hot chocolate, but black coffee seemed to be the favourite today!

Simon Williams's Stag Group paid just £40 each for their action packed Ghyll Scrambling Session with us in The Lake District. The fee included the provision of wetsuits, cagoules, walking boots and helmets & harnesses for the whole group including two experienced instructors to look after everyone. Today, we also provided a free hot drink at the end of the session and had additional warm kit to hand if it was needed. A free copy of every photograph we take on your session is always included as standard. 

All you have to turn up with is swimwear and a long sleeved fleece top if you have it, thick socks to go in the walking boots; and plenty of enthusiasm. We always provide walking boots to protect your feet in the ghyll when many of our competitors expect you to provide your own footwear!

It's getting warmer quite quickly, so Ghyll Scrambling or Canyoning is a great option to get some excitement and a bit of adrenaline on your visit to The Lake District. Our sessions are likely to be popular this coming Easter so enquire now and make your booking. We look forward to working with you!

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