Thursday 31 December 2009

And finally - as we head into 2010

Well, its New Years Eve and the snow continues to melt.For some of us its been a fab run up to Christmas with the most snow falling for years. It reminds Iain of when he was a kid growing up in Cumbria when the snow came in early November and stayed til the end of March and in those days, we had a Land Rover too!

It started snowing in Kendal on the 19th and the next morning Iain found six inches outside and more falling - time to go out and play! See -

This shot shows Iain with his 1960 Series two Land Rover - on the bridleway where he and a mate found themselves a few hours later between Kentmere & Longsleddale after we'd pushed the old girl to see how far she'd go - and she went all the way!

This next shot was the following Tuesday when, after more snowfall, Iain went out in the Series 2 again. This picture was snapped on the Old Sedbergh Road, 1 mile east of Kendal. The conditions were fanastic, people trying to get around in their modern cars wouldn't agree as they struggled often to even get out of their driveways, but the series 2 didn't get stuck once.

Iain bought this vehicle in a sorry state in 1990 and then stripped and rebuilt it to original spec. It is entirely original apart from the number plate (it was originally 355 DAO) although Iain added an overdrive 3 years ago.

Now, over 49 years old, it has never let him down!

Anyway, Iain & Kirstin enjoyed Christmas with family & friends and are looking forward to going out tonight to see in 2010 and on that note, we'd like to wish all of you - family, friends and clients, very best wishes for 2010 and say - thanks for sharing our experiences and supporting us in 2009.

In the New, Year Iain hopes to be up north enjoying the Scottish winter. If anyone is interested in winter skills courses, winter mountaineering courses or winter climbing courses in Scotland in 2010 then contact us at Kendal Mountaineering Services.

Happy New Year!

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Elaina said...

Aw ra best for 2010.

Looking forward to spending many more enjoyable times on the hill with you