Wednesday 27 January 2010

Navigation Skills Training day, Friday 22nd January

On this day, Iain had a client booked in for a single day of navigation skills training in preparation for an up coming Summer Mountainwalking Leader Award Assessment and the idea was to give the client some idea of where she was was with regards to the skill level necessary to pass this award.

The day was spent in the Kentmere area of the southern Lake District which is where Kendal Mountaineering services run many of their navigation skills training courses to MLTE standard.

We usually offer two day courses where you will learn the many essential techniques of good navigation on the first day; and on day two, we put all that has been learnt on day one into practice on a one day mountain expedition designed to consolidate and complement the previous day's work.

We have found this to be an effective combination and have received much excellent feedback from clients on the quality and effectiveness of these courses.

Both of these pictures were taken on Green Quarter Fell which is where we concentrate day one of our Lake District Navigation Skills training courses.

We do, however, run these courses for clients anywhere in the Lake District, Wales or Scotland and this particular client was impressed that we were also happy to offer her a 1 day bespoke Navigation Skills Training Course that included two hours of night navigation practice - an essential skill required to pass an "ML Assessment".

The weather during the day was mixed - ranging from low cloud with drizzle to blue sky with a clear, cold evening session. Iain covered all aspects of Navigation with this client who, at the end of the session, was very happy with the quality of coaching she had received and had a very good idea of what was needed in order to be successful at passing that assessment.

We wish her the best of luck in this respect. Anyone interested in attending a Navigation Skills training Course or an ML Refresher Day should contact us for details of our bespoke courses which are designed around what you want and not what other organisations say you must have! And remember - we work with anyone - from individual to large groups.

Contact us via or call Iain on 01539 737332/07761 483364.

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