Monday 25 April 2011

ML Refresher day, Shap Fells, The Lake District. Thursday April 21st 2011.

Kendal Mountaineering Services offer ML Refresher days amongst everything else that we do. Basically, if you have a Mountainwalking Leader Assessment or re-assessment looming and want some coaching in a particular aspect of the Mountainwalking Leader Syllabus - whether it be for the Summer Mountainwalking or Winter Mountainwalking Leader Awards - then we can help you. This will be done on a daily basis and you will be coached by a qualified and experienced Mountain Walking Leader or Mountaineering Instructor.

Shaun Barbar, pictured right, contacted Iain with a view to improving his navigation techniques. A local chap working for a very successful outdoors business, he has his Summer ML Assessment starting tomorow and wanted some coaching to brush up on the various techniques required to successfully pass the Summer Mountainwalking Leader Assessment.

For his ML Refresher day, Iain took Shaun to the Shap Fells
area - just north of Kendal.

This bit of ground - sandwiched between Borrowdale to the South and Wet Sleddale and Mosedale/Swindale to the north, is remote and relatively featureless - certainly in terms of man made objects. There was, however, plenty for an ML candidate to work at.

Photo two shows Shaun descending into the head of Crookdale which really was the remotest part of the area.

Iain kept Shaun hard at work all day finding features on the ground which could be anything from a small stream junction to a re-entrant (a hollow or small valley). Along the way we discussed and looked techniques such as pacing, timing (Naithsmiths rule), walking on a bearing, back bearings, resections, boxing, 4, 6, & 8 figure grid references and orientating the map. Shaun performed at the required standard to Iain's mind and he thinks Shaun will do well at assessment. Best of luck Shaun.

If you would like to know more about our ML Refresher days or our navigation skills training courses contact us here, we will be happy to help improve your proficiency in any aspect of the Mountainwalking Leader Syllabus - whether it be Summer or Winter. Additional pictures from Shaun' s day out with Iain can be viewed here.

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