Thursday 28 April 2011

Half day Canadian canoeing session in the Lake District. Windermere, April 27th 2011.

Gary Fullbrook had initially booked a multi-activity day out for himself and his wife Louise some months back, but changed the date and the itinery when they realised that they would soon be joined by a new family member. So a change was made from ghyll scrambling and climbing to a half day of Canadian canoeing.

Then numbers changed from two to six when they decided to bring family & friends along on the session. Pictured left to right are Callum & Chloe, Gary & Louise and Sophie & Lewis on the River Rothay at Ambleside.

Iain met the family at Waterhead at Ambleside as he thought it would be an ideal place to run their Canadian canoeing session. First of all, we got everyone on the water and allowed them to go mad for a while before bringing them together for a basic skills training session. Then, in photo two, we set off to explore the nearby river.

After the previous cooler day, Wednesday was warm and sunny with a light onshore breeze - ideal for an introductory Canadian canoeing session.

We took a journey up both rivers as far as we could given the low water levels - which were fine for this group The worst that could happen was that people would fall in and get wet, but that would be all! Fine on a hot a sunny day such as this, although Iain had spare warm and waterproof equipment should it have been needed.

In photo three the family learn to deal with a shallow rapid on the Rothay - first by paddling up it and then by getting out and dragging the boats upstream - the only way on this occasion.

And finally, of course, the young people just had to jump in and get wet. All four went into the river before we tried the challenge in photo four.

In this one, two people turn & face each other in the Canadian canoe, move to the middle of the boat; and then manoevre themselves into a position where they are sitting opposite each other on the gunwhales (sides) of the canoe. With legs straight and - holding on to the sides, both people lean outwards in balance (the idea is to get one's head in the water) and then sit up again.

The whole thing has to be done slowly and with synchronisation between the pair - otherwise you will fall in! Callum & Sophie worked well together and succeeded in doing it without getting wet.

The whole group enjoyed their Canadian Canoeing Session with Kendal Mountaineering Services. It's that time of year when we get enquiries for all sorts of wet sessions including canoeing & kayaking but don't forget our ghyll scrambling & canyoning sessions too! Get in touch to book your session with us, we look forward to working with you.

Additional photo's fronm the family's session can be viewed here.


Louise said...

This was the best day of the week by far! Iain was a great instructor and kept the whole family entertained throughout the afternoon.Time flew by as we were all having such a good time. Will be booking in the other activities as soon as the next little person joins the family in September.
Thank you once again Iain for such a fantastic afternoon and we will all look forward to another day out soon.

Iain Gallagher said...

Thanks Louise. Good to know that we did a good job and we look forward to seeing you all again. As a group, you were great fun to work with. Have a fab Summer!