Monday 23 May 2011

Dan Broughton's Stag day Coniston, The Lake District, May 7th 2011.

Well, the Summer season is finally underway in The Lake District for us here at Kendal Mountaineering Services. Of course mountaineering courses aren't the only thing we offer - you can combine any of our many activities to make up a multi-activity day for your stag or hen event.

Dan Broughton from SCK Webworks booked a stag event for his stag party with Kendal Mountaineering Services
and we are personally known to him. Dan and the rest of the team at SCK revamped the Kendal Mountaineering Services website last year to make it the top performing website that it now is.

The first shot of the day shows Dan (laying on the road) and the rest of his 22 strong stag party - we were going ghyll scrambling in Church Beck at Coniston as the first part of the group's stag event.

As you can see - everyone was well kitted out for the occasion, no bare flesh! Wetsuits, warm cags, bouyancy aids, stout boots and helmets & harnesses are all essential if you are to have a well protected & comfortable ghyll scrambling & canyoning session as part of your stag day and we aim to make sure you have the best day out possible with us.

The second photo shows Dan having just slid down the chockstone pitch in Church Beck. The ghyll was busy on this day, but Iain managed to organise things so his team were able to get ahead of others and do this most exciting part of the Church Beck Ghyll Scrambling & canyoning session before we got held up behind others. Good planning!

As we had such a large group for Dan's stag event in The Lake District, Iain had brought in two other experienced & qualified instructors to help him run the sessions. At Kendal Mountaineering Services we can work with any size of group - whether it be a 30 strong stag or hen party or just you on your own. We are friendly, flexible and professional; and pride ourselves on giving you what you want!

Having done the Church Beck jumps, we headed back up to the head of the ghyll only to find one of our groups already in there. As time was getting on, Iain offered the lads a chance to abseil down the main waterfall in Church Beck and this challenge was eagerly accepted. The third photo shows one of Dan's stag party being lowered down the waterfall whilst others look on. After this, it was back to the vehicles to get changed in to dry clothes and off to the Black Bull Inn for a hearty pub lunch and a pint or two.

Whilst the guys were getting lunch there was no rest for the Kendal Mountaineering Services team. The lads had asked for a raftbuilding session as the afternoon part of the stag event and as it was handy - we chose to do this on Coniston Water.

The rafting tralier had to be unloaded and barrels, spars & lashings set out so there was enough for three teams to successfuly build their rafts.

Photo four shows Dan & his group working hard at lashing those barrels tightly to the raft having already built the framework to hold it all together

Raftbuiling is a great fun team event, suitable for any occasion - stag & hen events, teambuilding courses or just as part of a multi-activity day.

At Kendal Mountaineering Services, we always advise you on the best way to build your raft - after all we want you to succeed - not laugh whilst you raft falls apart and you all end up in the drink! Of course, your competitors might not agree with this and there is always time for a bit of good competitive sport on the water after you have built your raft - whacky races, a good "lets soak the competition" session and then a race to see who can get back to shore and dismantle their raft the quickest! Oh! and of course, some of Dan's buddies managed to find a moment to pick him up and chuck him in the drink - charming. With mates like these ...............?

And lastly, a final shot at the end of the afternoon. Everyone in Dan's stag party had enjoyed their stag event with us. The weather had not been great - but who's bothered about the rain when you are already soaked through! The adrenalin seekers had found their fun in the ghyll scrambling & canyoning session and all had enjoyed coming together to build three fab rafts that stayed together for the duration of this afternoon session. What was next? well, back to Kendal, get all spruced up and out for a curry, more beer and oh! a nightclub of course. It was a shame Iain couldn't have joined in - he would have liked to but he had to go to Scotland to run a cuillin Ridge traverse, never mind.

Thanks to Dan from SCK Webworks for using us to provide his stag day. Remember - you can combine any of the following activities for your stag or hen day - canoeing, kayaking, ghyll scrambling, canyoning, rock climbing, abseiling, raft building, caving and orienteering. Give us a call or contact us to organise your stag or hen event, we'll be happy to help. The rest of the photos from Dan's stag event can be viewed here.

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umdiecker said...

An excellent delivery of a stag do event for a large group of guys out and about in the Lake District. Ghyll scrambling was amazing, a really fun and sometimes challenging experience. Raft-building was the biggest laugh! An excellent time was had by all. Many thanks to Iain, Campbell and Al!