Wednesday 15 August 2012

Ghyll Scrambling, Canyoning & Open Canoeing Sessions in The Lake District. August 4th - 12th 2012.

It is well over a week since we posted up anything about our activities here at Kendal Mountaineering Services. That is not to say we have been quiet - anything but, in fact! Anyway, this post is an attempt to catch up and covers the whole of this busy period rather than being a report about each individual session.

In photo one we start off with Cara Hale & Wayne from London. Cara contacted us looking for a half day of ghyll scrambling to be run in conjunction with a half day of motor boating. We weren't able to provide the latter but we did provide Cara with links to people who could. Anyway, she chose to book with us for their ghyll scrambling session.

As they did not want canyoning as well, Iain chose to take the pair to Stickle Ghyll in Langdale. It was a nice morning and the ghyll was at a good level giving this couple from London just the right amount of fun that they needed. They thoroughly enjoyed their session with Iain; and the rest of the photos from their ghyll scrambling half day session in The Lake District can be viewed here.

Iain was back into action the next day - this time with Katie & Cameron who had booked on to one of our half day Introductory Canadian Canoeing Sessions in The Lake District.

Iain met the pair at Waterhead, Ambleside, where we got kitted out and unloaded the boats ready to go. Our session consisted of some flatwater skills on Windermere to allow the pair basic control of their Canadian Canoe before taking a journey up the river Rothay and ending up at the Rothay play wave where the pair were able to run the rapid and practice high crosses ie how to get across the rapid from one side to the other - without capsizing!

However, capsize they did - many times; though the weather was hot and the water not cold.The pair thoroughly enjoyed playing on rapids - so much so that we visited the Brathay bridge rapid as well and then suddenly we were running out of time. Photo two shows the pair on the lower river having great fun.

Iain was straight back out the next morning to meet Helen Scott & her partner Thomas who had booked one of our Church Beck Ghyll Scrambling & canyoning sessions some time previously.

The pair had spent the weekend camping in the area with the intention of climbing Scafell Pike - Englands highest Mountain. But whilst the weekend weather had been hot, it had also given rise to a number of thunderstorms and heavy downpours and the pair had wisely decided to stay off the mountain tops.

Photo three shows Helen & Thomas at the start of the Church Beck Ghyll Scrambling & Canyoning trip. As ususal, we ascended the ghyll as far as the chockstone fall before getting out, heading right to the top of the gorge and descending back to the Chockstone fall. Helen & Thomas thoroughly enjoyed their session with Iain and are talking about returning to try the Esk Gorge day on their next visit. Photos taken during their session can be viewed here.

Iain moved over to North Yorkshire for the next few days to run another rock climbing & bouldering session at Brimham Rocks followed by the ususal abseiling & gorge scrambling session at Howstean in Nidderdale for Village Camps. He didn't take any photos this time, but you can read about one of his previous sessions in this post.

Anyway, after arriving back in The Lakes on Thursday night, Iain was straight out the next morning to meet Alison & Stan Wiblin from Oxford who had booked one of our multi-activity adventure days. They were in the area for a long weekend to do some hillwalking, they had been ghyll scrambling before in the area, but this time fancied trying something a little more challenging.

Alison had found the Kendal Mountaineering Services website the previous year and liking what she saw, had saved the webpage with a view to contacting us this year

Photo four shows the pair at the first big fall in Church Beck. Once again Iain did our usual ghyll scrambling ascent of the gorge followed by the canyoning descent from the top - abseiling down three waterfalls before jumping and sliding down the final two and then exiting the ghyll to return to our vehicles for some lunch.

After lunch we relocated to Waterhead, Ambleside, so that the pair could try out one of our Introductory Canadian Canoeing Sessions on Windermere. The weather was hot, sunny & calm - ideal conditions for taking a Canadian Canoe on to the lake.

The pair had paddled an open canoe before so it was merely a case of brushing up on basic paddling skills before going on a journey around the northern end of Windermere and of course, visiting the river too. Photo five shows the pair as we headed back towards Waterhead. The rest of the photos from their multi-activity adventure day can be viewed here.
And then finally, it was back out the following afternoon to join Sunil Singh and his mates Roash & Alister for another of our popular Church Beck Ghyll Scrambling & Canyoning sessions in The Lake District.

The guys were over for a weekend break from the North East although Alister was from much further away - Singapore and staying in the UK for a while visiting his old university mates and family.

We had a refreshing afternoon in Church Beck doing the Ghyll Scrambling ascent followed by the Canyoning descent, the guys loved it and are talking about returning to possibly try the Esk Gorge trip and some caving with us. Photos from this session can be viewed here.

The Summer Holidays are in full swing and whilst the weather has been mixed Canadian canoeing, kayaking, ghyll scrambling or Canyoning sessions provide great fun for all the family if you are wondering what to to on a wet (or dry) day in the area. Our prices start at £45 per person for half day sessions and all of the equipment you see people wearing is included in the price you pay. Also, the more of you there are the less it will cost. Contact us at Kendal Mountaineering Services to arrange your session and you won't be disappointed.

Iain took a rest on Sunday off before running one of our Learning to lead Rock Climbing Courses in The Lake District which will be the subject of his next post. 

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