Thursday, 2 August 2012

Half day Ghyll Scrambling & Canyoning sessions in The Lake District. July 31st 2012.

Gill Kirbitson contacted Kendal Mountaineering Services to enquire about a ghyll scrambling session for her family whilst on a visit to The Lake District.

One of our partner business U-cando Canoe, Kayak and Mountain Bike Hire at Waterhead, Ambleside had pointed the family in our direction, so thank you Adi fo doing that.

The weather has continued its unsettled theme throughout the Summer and whilst Tuesday had been relatively dry in a wet sort of way, the forecast for Wednesday was for heavy rain later.

Iains initial thoughts had been to avoid Church Beck as the stream drains a large catchment and the ground was already sodden, but in the event, it was at a fine level to take the family on their Lake District ghyll scrambling & canyoning adventure.

Photo one shows the family at the get in at Church Beck. Photo two shows Frankie & Piper the Golden Retriever enjoying a splashabout in one of the deep pools at the entrance to Church Becks Gorge section.

Iain was asked if the dog who loved water, could join in the session and he couldn't see a problem with this although the family were advised against her doing the canyoning descent part of the trip.

You can bring your dog along for free but we don't have doggie harnesses for canyoning and Iain very much doubts any dog would thank you for the experience anyway!

Just above the pool in photo two is where we get out to undertake the canyoning part of the session. A walk up over Miners Bridge follows before we get harnessed up at the head of the gorge and then start to make our way with the flow of water downstream to the first fall.

Photo three shows all the family -  three of them at the foot of the first lower in the ghyll and Gill watching with Piper from the track at the edge of the ravine.

Gill had elected not to take part in the ghyll scrambling & canyoning session but to follow our progress where she could and take photos - as well as keeping an eye on Piper who would have no doubt been in the ghyll with us otherwise.

After doing the second lower down the Miner Bridge Fall Iain took the trio down the narrow section with its three falls known as the top jumps.

We belay people half way down the first jump with a rope avoiding the narrow & extremely challenging jump into the first pool - it is a place where bashed elbows and broken ankles can occur but with our method we avoid all that.

The second jump should also be avoided due to another potential ankle breaking rock in the pool at its foots but it is worth going down this section to do the slide off the slab on the final (chockstone) pitch.

Photo four shows the family, Ross, Alex & Frankie at the foot of the chockstone pitch all having thoroughly enjoyed the session. Other photographs taken during this session can be viewed here.

The Summer of 2012 has been disappointingly wet and this has adversely affected all sorts of events and activities that rely on dry conditions to run. Heavy rain might affect what venue we use but at least you can still be guaranteed to be able to do some great activities with Kendal Mountaineering Services so long as you don't mind - getting wet! These include Ghyll scrambling (also known as Gorge walking), canyoning and Canoeing or Kayaking.

If you are stuck for something to do on a wet day with the family on your holiday in the Lake District - give us a call and let us arrange a watersports session for you. We look forward to working with you.


RolandRocker said...

a fabulous way to spend half a day - what a blast! For all those adrenalin junkies this is a must do activity - from 12-52 years of age,or even if you have 4 paws - the sky's the limit! A big thnks to Iain. we will definitely be back.

RolandRocker said...

A wondeful way to spend half a day in the Lakes - what a blast! An absolute must do for all adrenalin junkies. From 12 - 52 years of age, or even if you have 4 paws, the sky's the limit. Thanks Iain for an amazing time. We will be back for more next year.

Iain Gallagher said...

Thanks Ross,

good to know that we provided a good service for you. We always try to tailor our services to the clients needs - having Piper along was a first but she clearly enjoyed it too. We hope that you have enjoyed the rest of your stay in the area. Best wishes, Iain.