Thursday 12 September 2013

Corporate Ghyll Scrambling & Canyoning Sessions in The Lake District. 5th September 2013.

Last Thursday, Iain, along with assistant instructor Mark, was running another Ghyll Scrambling & Canyoning Session in Church Beck at Coniston for one of our Corporate Clients - Nucleargraduates.

Nucleargraduates have been using our services since May 2011 when they first contacted us to see if we could provide then with an activity which would be suitable as a team building exercise. Up to that point successful applicants to join the Nucleargraduates Apprenticeship Scheme had been using the GoApe ropes course facility in Grizedale Forest but it was felt that this session wasn't really bringing about the desired result!

As well as being a popular favourite with the general public and Stag & Hen parties, our Ghyll Scrambling & Canyoning Sessions in The Lake District are ideal for business users wishing to use a session to focus on developing individuals reaction to challenge; and to build on relationships through the use of trust, support and communication.

Church Beck consists of a number of challenges such as this one in photo two which is the top lower in the upper gorge. Participants are lowered on a rope over this fall - getting a thorough soaking in the process and down into the pool below.

For most people joining the Nucleargraduates Apprentice Scheme - getting attached to a rope and then being asked to go backwards down a waterfall in conditions that may be slightly inclement is not something that they would choose to go and do on their day off!

However, the idea of these sessions is that by being impelled into such experience the members of the group will work together and with the support from each other and encouragement, bonds of trust and friendship will be formed which will help these apprentices through their apprenticeships with the various Nucleargraduate sponsors over the next two years.

This process is often known as teambuilding or an icebreaker exercise.
Church Beck has a number of exciting & challenging parts to it. The girl in photo three is being lowered down the next waterfall downstream below Miners Bridge which is higher than the first one in the previous photo. Members of here group can be seen below the fall from where they are able to give support & encouragement to people coming down.

The final section consists of another two waterfalls to jump and slide down (photo four) - true exhilarating & challenging stuff - particularly as once one has left the top waterfall there is no easy way to turn back. However, people always achieve success in this particularly challenging part of the gorge with our support and approach.

So, once again we ran another very successful Ghyll Scrambling & Canyoning Session for Nucleargraduates here in The Lake District and we wish the apprentices all the very best with their career in The Nuclear Industry. Hopefully, we will be seeing all of this year recruits again soon as we have also been asked to organise a team building day for all of them this October - watch out for the blog report!

If you would like a bespoke package of activities putting together with a specific development objective in mind for your team or workplace then give us a call. We will be happy to put together an appropriate package for you to ensure that your objectives are met.

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