Thursday 19 September 2013

Hen Events in The Lake District. Saturday 7th September 2013.

On Saturday 7th September, we kicked off what was be a busy day for Iain with a morning Ghyll Scrambling session organised as part of a Hen Event for bride to be - Eva, by her mate Joanne.

When Iain met the Hen Party at Skelwith Bridge, not only was the weather wet, but it was also unseasonably cold. He was told that the Hen Party wanted something "not too hardcore". On that note, he chose to take the party to Stickle Ghyll in Langdale for their Ghyll Scrambling Session in The Lake District.

Photo one sees the Hen Party with the first wet part of Stickle Ghyll behind them and en route for the final upper part.

What the weather lacked temperature-wise to make any Ghyll Scrambling or Canyoning session in The Lake District a total pleasure today was certainly made up for by our Hen Party's team spirit as they laughed & splashed their way upstream.

We did, as always, make our best to ensure everyone's comfort by providing walking boots, wetsuits, cagoules and bouyancy aids and this contributed largely to people to feeling able and willing to continue with the session despite a low temperature of just 12 degrees.

Interestingly, this had also been a contributory factor when Joanne had chosen to book the  Hen Events Ghyll Scrambling Session with us - other companies were offering the same session for half our price - but with a very poor standard of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) in comparison.

Joanne's Hen Party each paid £40 for this 4 hour half day Ghyll Scrambling Session in The Lake District with us but its worth remembering that what with the helmet & harness as well each person in the photograph was wearing around £250 of equipment each! In such a demanding environment, this equipment wears out quickly and needs to be regularly replaced. So, with us, you do get what you pay for!

Our final photo from this Hen Event in The Lake District sees six of Joanne's party of eight at the foot of the final waterfall waiting to climb. Stickle Ghyll saves some of it's most challenging bits to the end and this is definitely one of them.

There are two ways to climb this fall - either immediately up the largely water free rock wall behind the team in this photo; or up the rock rib towards the extreme upper right of the photo - and that was the route Iain chose for this Hen Party.

Everyone managed to climb (apart from the two who chose to give it a miss) and each was then given a handwarmer to hold whilst Iain got the rest of the party up the climb.

At the end, it was cold, the party were cold (hands at least - but a little warmer thanks to Iain's handwarmers) so it was quickly off back down the descent path to de-kit in the toilets next to the Sticklebarn Tavern.

Eva's Hen Party had all thoroughly enjoyed their half day Ghyll Scrambling Session in The Lake District with Iain - despite the weather. All agreed it was worth every penny!

There are still decent conditions around in The Lake District to enjoy Ghyll Scrambling & Canyoning this Autumn so if you would like to book a session as part of your Hen Event contact us here. Don't book with the rest - come properly kitted out with the best; and we believe we have good reason to reckon that is us!

Iain's next post is about what he got up to that afternoon with Gav Cowan's Stag Party in Church Beck.

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