Saturday 25 October 2014

Canyoning in The Lake District. Church Beck. September 20th 2014

After running a morning Introductory Rock Climbing Session in The Lake District for Andrew Cooper, Iain drove across to Coniston to run one of our popular Canyoning Sessions in The Lake District for Rebecca Harrison & her Dad Ian.

Rebecca had originally booked this session with us way back at the end of last year as a Christmas Gift Voucher for herself and a friend. Unfortunately she was subsequently unable to attend for the session before now; and her friend was unable to join her, however, her Dad was happy to fill the place.

Photo one sees Rebecca as Iain lowers her down the top waterfall in Church Beck. Rebecca's Mum had also followed us up the gorge and can be seen watching from the road in the distance. Our Canyoning Sessions in The Lake District often attract amused onlookers!
Canyoning is a term used to describe descending a mountain stream - abseiling down waterfalls; and where possible - jumping down waterfalls in to deep pools below. The sport is designed to provide an adenalin rush, a degree of challenge and of course, a whole lot of fun!

We do our best to keep you comfortable & safe on any of our Lake District Canyoning Sessions by ensuring you are appropriately equipped and to that end, everyone gets a wetsuit and a cagoule to keep you as warm as possible, walking boots  to provide good grip, protection & ankle support, a buoyancy aid to keep you afloat and a helmet & harness to protect you on those more serious sections. You will always be guided by an experienced Canyoning Instructor with safety equipment. We also take photos and videos of your session which are passed on to you at no extra charge.

Photo two is a view of  Ian & Rebecca in the pool at the bottom of the first waterfall in Church Beck.

Rebecca & Ian had a great Canyoning Session with Iain. We followed that lower down the first waterfall with a climb down & jump into a deep pool past the next waterfall immediately below.

A short walk downstream brought us to Miners Bridge and the second waterfall lower. Following this we scrambled down to the section known as the top jumps where a roped traverse and short lower puts you in a safe position to jump into the pool below. After this we climbed down the next waterfall and swam a pool to arrive at the slide down the big chockstone behind the pair in photo three.

After doing the slide, we then continued downstream as far as the end of the gorge and then turned around and climbed a waterfall (roped) before getting out of the gorge at a point just below where photo three was taken.

The final "grand finale" is a walk up the left hand bank of the gorge followed by a scramble down to a point around 18 feet above the deep pool that is above the chockstone in photo three. Standing there looking down at the pool - it looks like a much bigger jump and you certainly feel like you get some airtime when you do finally make that leap! The only way out now is to do the chockstone slide a second time, brilliant!

Even though Iain was only working with this pair today, we still managed to fill the afternoon and Rebecca & Ian were very happy with the experience; and the photos and videos that subsequently followed!

Canyoning in The Lake District with us is great fun! Contact us here to book your session. At £45 per person for a half day session (minimum of two persons) it won't break the bank and, as the was the case with this session, it makes an ideal Christmas present for friends or family!

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