Saturday 25 October 2014

Introductory Rock Climbing Sessions in The Lake District. September 20th 2014.

Just in case readers of our blog think that  we have packed up - no of course not! We have just been away on holiday, Jordan to be precise. Unfortunately we didn't manage to get caught up with the blogging before we went away - so here goes!

The weekend of September 20th & 21st was a busy one for us - Iain provided three different activity sessions over the two days. We started off providing an Introductory half day Rock Climbing Session in The Lake District for Andrew Cooper who wanted to get on to some proper outdoor rock with his daughter Freya; and friend Chaya had also come along to join in.

The venue Iain used in this occasion was Lower Scout Crag in Langdale - a well known single pitch crag often used by groups as a venue for Introductory Climbing Sessions. Photo one sees Andrew belaying Chaya as she climbs the route - The Slab MVS4b. The hardest bit is always entering the groove in which Chaya is stood!

Photo two sees Andrew learning the nuts & bolts of setting up for an Introductory Climbing Session. An introductory Rock Climbing Session will generally employ the use of a "top rope/bottom belay" system.

This system  can be seen in use in photo one (and three) and involves the setting up of top anchors into which a climbing rope is attached.

The top anchor will usually consist of two gear placements equalised to a central attachment point using static (prestretched) rope - that's the white rope in photo two. The yellow sleeves are rope protectors and these should be used anywhere where the rope can rub on rock - to prevent wear!

Once the top anchors are arranged and the climbing rope attached to the central attachment point, it is always a good idea to get someone an the bottom ot the crag to "load" the rope - just to make sure that ultimately, the load on both anchor points is equal. You will always find that adjustment is necessary here before climbing can begin!

Following that it is a case of the climber tying into the rope and the belayer cliping the rope into the belay plate attached to their harness. Whilst the climber climbs up (Freya in photo three), the belayer (Andrew) takes in the rope - keeping it tight to prevent a slip or fall. On occasions where the belayer may struggle to hold a falling climber or may leave the ground (generally due to the fact that the person they are belaying is much heaveer than they are!) a third person can be used to "tail" ie hold the dead rope behind the belayer to act as a safety back up and or hold the belayer down. None of this was necessary here though.

Our Introductory Rock Climbing Sessions in The Lake District are a great way to experience the thrill of climbing rock for the first time and are very safe. All of our instructors are qualified holders of the Single Pitch Award as a minimum requirement for single pitch crags such as Lower Scout; and for any climbing of  a more serious nature they will be Mountaineering Instructors. Prices start at £45 per person for a 4 hour session and include the provision of helmets harnesses and if required, walking boots as well qualified instruction. These sessions are ideal as part of a team building event families or couples. Contact us here to book your session.

If you like the sound of this or know someone who might - then why not buy them an Introductory Rock Climbing Session as a gift with one of our Activity Gift Vouchers. Christmas is coming!

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