Wednesday 1 April 2015

Caving Sessions in The Yorkshire Dales National Park. Saturday 28th March 2015.

Last weekend,we ran our first caving session in the Yorkshire Dales National Park at the for Deake Furniss and his bother Kyle. Deake had tried this activity a number of years ago whilst at School and fancied having another go.

Having searched on the internet for Caving Sessions in the Yorkshire Dales National Park, Deake came upon our website and liking what he saw, contacted Iain to book a full day underground.

Unfortunately, the weather last Saturday was not condusive to the best of caving sessions as there had been heavy rain for several hours just prior to our going underground. It was to make caving very interesting for all, that day. We had to modify our plans!

Photo one shows Deake attempting a short squeeze in Thistle Cave near to Ribblehead.
Photo two shows Deake's brother Kyle attempting exactly the same squeeze, both were a bit nervous about trying, but managed it with ease. This was the only tight bit of caving that the pair would try in our shortened caving session in the Yorkshire Dales National Park today!

Initially, Iain had been going to take the pair around the Long Churns system - our favourite introductory caving place. However, whilst not a lot of water was visible flowing from caves on the drive to Long Churns - on the walk up the lane it became evident fairly quickly that all of that rain was now making it's way underground. Iain explained the dangers of caving at Long Churns after heavy rain; and what to look out for on the surface. One such indicator - a resurgence which only starts to flow when conditions below the surface are very wet started to do just that, very rapidly, right in front of our eyes. The rate at which the flow increased was spectacular! We decided to forget Long Churns today.
After a short drive back up the road to Ribblehead, we were making our way over the moor to Runscar & Thistle Caves.

Runscar Cave (seen behind the lads in photo three) always carries a reasonable flow whereas Thistle Cave is generally quite dry. In really wet conditions both of these caves are a safe bet with adults and Thistle ok for children. Indeed, we were one of several parties heading here to go underground due to the water levels in the area!

We visited Thistle Cave first as in photos one and two. Today there was a lot of water flowing through here and in the lower end of the caved the water had backed up and was about 18 inches deep. That meant full wellies fairly quickly, otherwise - it was ok. Runscar 3 was very wet and had a powerful flow today so, we went in upstream against the current. About 3/4 of the way up this cave it becomes a narrow canyon through which the water was flowing with considerable force. Both Deake & Kyle found it a real challenge making progress against the power of this floodwater, but managed well.

After this the lads were both wet and cold;and the weather was showing no signs of improving. So, we called it a day. They are, however, keen to return in better weather to do some more caving!

Put off the idea of having an underground caving adventure in the Yorkshire Dales National Park this Easter? - Well - don't be! Just make sure that you book the services of an experienced Cave Leader such as Iain to provide you with a great session and ensure your safety! The forecast is actually looking likely to improve towards the end of the week as high pressure settles over the country.

Caving is great adventurous fun; and can still be done if the weather above ground is inclement - the only thing we have to watch out for is rainfall!
So, if you are taking an Easter Break in The Lake District, then contact us to arrange a Caving Session for you in the Yorkshire Dales National Park.

The best caving areas in the Yorkshire Dales are only half an hour's drive from the south eastern corner of the Lake District National Park and we know loads of caves where we can take you and the kids so that you will all have a great adventure - just like the group seen here in photo five.

All of our caving sessions begin by meeting up at the fantastic Cafe and outdoor shop at Inglesport in Ingleton. The postcode for Satnav purposes is LA6 3EB. The cafe opens at 09:00 on weekdays and 08:30 on weekends - if you want to try their famous cooked breakfasts to fuel you up before going underground with us; and cake & tea at the cafe is the best possible way of ending a great days caving!

So if you are struggling for options to occupy the children during this Easter Holiday - think CAVING! and give us a call!

We have plenty of availability to run you either a half day (4 hour) introductory caving session; or if you and the family are up for it - a full 8 hour day underground.

Our prices start at just £45 per person for a four hours session or £75 per person for a full day underground and you will be provided with all of the equuipment you see the young people wearing in photo three as part of your fee - caving oversuits & wellingtons, caving belts, helmets with caving lamps all come as part of the price!

We look forward to providing your caving experience underground in the Yorkshire Dales National Park this coming Easter weekend!

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