Sunday 12 April 2015

Kayaking Sessions in The Lake District. Easter Monday. Easter 2015.

Easter Weekend was busy for us. Ghyll Scrambling on Saturday, Caving on Sunday; and on Monday, Iain was out on Windermere running a "one on one" Kayaking session for Chris Gibby who was on holiday in the area from Welwyn Garden City!

Unfortunately, Iain's camera chose to malfunction on that day so we have got no photos of Chris's kayaking session. However - we have got one from Iain's "one on one" kayaking session with Colin Brooke during May last year and unusually - it contains Iain (in the red kayak). You won't often see any photos of the owner of Kendal Mountaineering Services as he is usually the one behind the camera when shots are being taken.

We will happily work with individuals who visit the area wishing try out kayaking on the Lake District's lakes and rivers. Be prepared to pay a minimum of the two person rate though! This is currently £90 for a half day (four hour) session or £160 for a full eight hour day of kayaking. If this sounds a lot then remember you will have the undivided attention of an experienced & qualified canoeing coach as well as the use of over £400 worth of equipment for the duration of your kayaking session - all thrown in as part of the fee!

Kayaking can also be part of a multi-activity day as in photo two when Kimberley Quinn and her boyfriend Richard tried it out on Coniston Water after a morning of Abseiling at nearby Hodge Close Quarry.

Kayaking was a sport developed by the Inuit tribe in the arctic for hunting seals. Early kayaks consisted of a wooden frame over which sealskins were tightly stretched. They could neither have been very durable or watertight. Development continued apace using materials such as wood, then fibreglass and more recently, plastic as in the kayaks seen in photo three.

Our plastic kayaks are durable boats that won't break, they are also light and manoeuvrable and very buoyant. These kayaks are great fun for playing on lakes, paddling down rivers or just for having fun and playing games in!

Our kayaking sessions are also very popular with Stag & Hen parties visiting the Lake District. This photo was taken last September when we had a group of 14 lads on a Stag Event and here we were having great fun doing some kayaking games on Coniston Water.

Kayaking is great fun for all including families with children - so there you have it, a great watersport that everyone of all ages and abilities can enjoy! Fun, games, journeying and with us you can do it as an individual or part of a bigger group.

The weather is now warming up as it heads towards Summer, so if you fancy trying an Introductory Kayaking Session in The Lake District contact us to make you booking. We look forward to working with you"

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