Monday 16 November 2015

An afternoon Ghyll Scrambling Session in The Lake District. Stickle Ghyll, Sunday 4th October 2015.

Whilst Iain was working with Sheetal Bedi's walking group on Saturday, he received a phone call from Pamela Hoang.

Pamela and her partner Colin, were also staying  in The Lake District and were looking to pack in plenty of outdoor action over the weekend. Initially, they  were looking for a Ghyll Scrambling session on the Saturday, but that was too short notice for Iain to arrange anything. However, as we always do our very best to accommodate people he did suggest Sunday afternoon instead!

After some consideration, Pamela got back to us and booked  a Ghyll Scrambling Session in The Lake District to start at the slightly later time than usual of 2pm on the Sunday. Apparently, it was a  toss up between  a Ghyll Scrambling Session with us; or a Spa Treatment session; and we were told at the end of the session that choosing  our activity had definitely been the right choice!
Iain met the pair at the National Trust Car Park next to the Sticklebarn Tavern in Great Langdale and we all went into Stickle Ghyll to enjoy the pair's session.

Here, there was plenty of water for a wet exhilarating session and as you can see from the smiles on the couples faces - they absolutely loved it!

So what is Ghyll Scrambling?  Well, it involves getting equipped with a wet-suit for insulation, walking boots for good grip & ankle support and a buoyancy aid to help keep you afloat in those deeper pools.

Climbing helmets are always issued to protect your head as are harnesses as a rule- where roped climbing is necessary to protect you.

Ghyll Scrambling is often referred to as Gorge Walking (they are, in essence, the same activity) this involves getting into a mountain stream and walking up it- swimming through pools; and climbing up waterfalls  - it is all great, exhilarating, FUN!

Ideally best done between the end of March and the end of October when the weather is warmer. Ghyll scrambling is undoubtedly one of our most popular activities; and sometimes those harnesses really are needed - as can be seen in photo three where Pamela is climbing the biggest waterfall in Stickle Ghyll. As you can see, Ghyll Scrambling is often a good way to get an Adrenalin buzz too!

We spent the afternoon making our way up Stickle Ghyll and the pair made the most of every deep pool and every waterfall they came across- getting thoroughly soaked in the process, but having a great time along the way.

Working with just two persons, Iain was able to give the pair a lot of attention and provide them with plenty of challenges to keep them busy. The weather even improved (it had already been good to start off with for October!) but the sun came out and warmed us a little as we climbed upwards and ventured beyond the top of the big waterfall seen in photo three to another, a little further upstream.

Here, we decided to call it a day, with both Pamela & Colin having put  120% into the session, but now starting to feel a little chilly. What did the pair think of their Ghyll Scrambling Session in the Lake District with us? Well, surely the final photo (taken at the end of their session) says it all!

For a four hour Ghyll Scrambling Session with Iain, the pair paid just £45 each  and the fee included all of the equipment you see them wearing as part of the fee as well as a hot drink at the end of the session. Thinking about a Christmas present for loved ones, family members or friends? Then why not consider buying one of our Christmas Gift Certificates for a ghyll Scrambling Session for next Spring or Summer! You can be sure of buying something that people will love and remember for a long time to come!

Gift Certificates are on sale now for this great activity. Contact us here to book a Ghyll Scrambling Session for two for a mere £45 each. We look forward to seeing  the lucky recipients in the New Year! 

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