Wednesday 18 November 2015

Multi-activity Days in The Lake District. Sunday 18th October 2015.

After working with Dave Stephenson on a Guided Rock Climbing half day in The Lake District on Saturday, Iain set about getting ready for Sunday; and Andy Craggs booking for a full day of Introductory  Rock Climbing and Kayaking in The Lake District.

Photo one sees  Andy and his mates - Sean & Phil on Sunday morning as the lads enjoyed an introductory Climbing Session at Sticklebarn Crag in Langdale. Sean is climbing whilst Phil belays and Andy holds the "dead rope".

We chose to use Sticklebarn Crag today as it is less popular than the other nearby venue - Lower Scout Crag which can sometimes have groups of up to thirty people climbing there attending introductory Rock Climbing Sessions. Iain wanted the lads to have a crag to themselves and he made sure this what was they got!
So what is an introductory Rock Climbing Session? Well, it involves people rock climbing: and very often, for the first time out of doors. Many people begin by climbing indoors at a climbing wall and then make the transition to single pitch rock climbing outdoors using the "top rope - bottom belay system".

In such a  scenario, the climber climbs up from the ground attached to a rope which is anchored at the top of the rock pitch (crag). As the climber climbs up, the rope is kept  tight by the belayer who is also on the ground an is attached to the rope by means of a harness and belay plate.

The belayer learns how to keep the rope tight and is often assisted by a "tailer" who has a hold of the "dead" rope (the slack rope beyond the belayer). The "live" rope is that portion of tight rope between the climber & the belayer.  The belayer
must NEVER let go of the dead rope whilst a climber is on the live rope! Anyway, for the climber, a tight rope anchored at the top of the crag means that if they slip - they won't fall. However, once at the top of the rock pitch, the climber must be lowered by the belayer back to the ground; and in photo two you can see Phil lowering Sean back down to the bottom of the climb.

Introductory Rock Climbing is a great way to learn new rock climbing & belaying skills and work together as part of a team. It is good for improving trust between friends and a great team-building  activity!

We finished our Introductory Rock Climbing Session at around 12:30 and returned to our vehicles in the Sticklebarn Car Park for Lunch before driving the six miles to nearby Coniston Water for the groups afternoon Kayaking Session in The Lake District.

We parked on the East Shore of Coniston Water - (one of the few places where free parking is still to be found in The Lake District!) and got kitted out in wetsuits, cagoules and buoyancy aids  before heading out on to the lake to learn some skills and do some journeying.

The final photo from this post  about a multi-activity day in The Lake District sees Andy & Sean "steaming ahead" on Coniston Water. The Lake is famous for its peace & tranquility and it's watersports, the steam Gondola and of course  Donald Campbell's waterspeed attempt in the Bluebird that ended in tragedy on January 4th 1967.

Andy, Sean and Phil all enjoyed their multi-activity day in The Lake District with  Iain and they have left a few comments on our Facebook page.

The lads paid just £75  each for a full eight hour day out with us enjoying two great activities in two different locations of The Lake District. Their fee included instruction and all of the equipment required to run the activities in safety and comfort.

Contact us if you are interested in arranging one of our Lake District Multi-activity days for yourself, your family, friends or a Stag or Hen Party! Discounts apply for group bookings and you could get a full day out for as little as £50 per person -amazing value for money!

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