Thursday 1 September 2016

Canyoning Half Days in The Lake District. Church Beck, Coniston, August 26th, 2016.

Last week, we were called at short notice by Michelle Sheard & her family who were all staying in The Lake District on holiday having travelled over from Leeds. Michelle was looking to book a half day Canyoning Session in The Lake District and had already contacted a number of providers before coming across our leaflet at Bowness TIC. Michelle liked the look of what we offer and contacted Iain who was available to run their Canyoning Session on Friday.

Photo one sees (left to right) Lydia, Michelle, John, Madison & Dylan all kitted out; and ready to start their Canyoning Session.

Iain chose Church beck for its proximity to where the family were staying, but also because it is one of the Lake District's best Canyoning Venues.

The usable section is to be found at the back of Coniston Village, a short walk up Coppermines Lane. We get in just below the hydro-electric plant dam and are immediately into the first waterfall lower (photo two) This is not high, only about 8 feet, but it is a good way to prepare people for the bigger, more challenging waterfalls ahead!
After the first waterfall lower, we travel but a few metres onwards to the next waterfall. Here, we cannot jump into the pool at the waterfall (there is a big rock in the bottom) nor are there anchor points for a lower into the pool, so we bypass the fall, scramble down the rocks and jump into the deep pool. After a 100 metre walk downstream (today on delightfully clean & "grippy" after the scouring action of last Saturday's flood) to Miners Bridge which is followed by the Miners Bridge waterfall Lower. Having lowered the whole family down this fall (photo three) we then set off to the really challenging part of this Canyoning Descent in The Lake District - The Top Jumps.

The top jumps describe a section where Church Beck is funneled into a narrow slot with three waterfalls and three deep pools in succession.

The first fall requires the use of the rope to safeguard clients to a point where they can jump six feet into the pool below, below the next fall is another rock and the jump is risky, so we avoid that, swim the pool below and then slide down the next fall into the final pool - watch the video! Below here is a walk downstream to the bottom waterfall which we climb in ascent as in photo four.

Below this point the beck becomes subject to a user agreement in which we are required to pay £6 for each adult of £3 per child (we would have to pass this cost on to you so we'd rather not bother!) So, what we do is turn around and do a short Ghyll Scrambling Ascent back to the Chock-stone Slide. Along the way, it is possible to do a "tricky" rock climbing traverse around the back of a deep pool (penalty for failure is, of course, a thorough ducking!) and a low jump & swim in the pool above. The "grand finale" is to exit the left bank of the beck below the Chock-stone Slide and do a 20 foot jump from that bank into the pool below before doing the Chock-stone Slide one final time - an exhilarating & challenging finish to a great Canyoning adventure!

Our half day Canyoning Sessions in The Lake District cost just £45 per person for a four hour session. Children receive a discount ie Michelle paid just £30 each for the 3 children. The fee includes the provision of wetsuits, buoyancy aids, helmets harnesses, cagoules and walking boots as well as guiding by one of our experienced canyoning instructors. Contact us here to book your Canyoning Session in The Lake District - you won't be disappointed

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