Thursday 1 September 2016

Ghyll Scrambling half day sessions in The Lake District. Wren Gill, Wednesday 24th August 2016.

On Wednesday last week, Iain was back out working with Steven Finkill again, who had returned with another two of his young relatives for some Ghyll Scrambling fun (photo one).

Niece Amy & Nephew Dylan both come from Newcastle and during their Summer Holidays, neither have experienced anything remotely like Ghyll Scrambling, so they are really lucky to have Uncle Steven who was keen that they should try this activity - so keen in fact, that he had driven all the way from Manchester to collect them before travelling on to meet Iain in Kendal.

The weather was good for the pairs introduction to Ghyll Scrambling being warm & sunny. Iain collected the trio in Kendal and we took the Land Rover all the way up Longsleddale to park up near the get in point for Wren Gill.

We got dressed in the usual wetsuits, cagoules, walking boots, helmets & harnesses and Iain added some buoyancy aids as there are some deep pools in this venue. In photo two we hadn't quite gotten to the really deep bit, but here Steven & Dylan emerge from hiding behind a waterfall - great fun!
Photo three sees uncle Steven taking the plunge into one of the deepest pools at Wren Gill. There are a number of places where one can jump in and up until today this had been the first place where we would usually do this sort of thing. However, this time we had started 200 m further down the ghyll than usual and there, Iain found another jump ideal for children and adults (provided you brought your legs up & did a "bomb").

By the time we got to the jump & deep pool in this photo, we had already been in the water for several hours and the kids were having a great time.

Our final photo from this post about Ghyll Scrambling in The Lake District sees Steven giving Amy a leg up at the entrance to Cleft Ghyll - a place where Wren Gill crashes down a 30 foot narrow slot - it's not a place for climbing but one can a great deal of fun just getting to this place from where we started! And we'd had a great deal of fun too, climbing up waterfalls, jumping off the sides into pools on at least three occasions, wading upstream whilst comfortable in the equipment that we provide you for all of our Ghyll Scrambling Sessions.

As the children were now getting a little chilly, it was time to go and get dry and enjoy some of Iain's famous hot chocolate!

Steven paid just £40 each for the three to enjoy a half day (four hour) Ghyll Scrambling session in The Lake District with us. We had applied some discount for the children, but then Steven gave Iain a tip anyway (thanks Steven!) All of the equipment you see everyone wearing is included in the price and if you are staying in the Kendal area then an off road session in a classic Land Rover is included.

Please note - our Wren Gill Ghyll Scrambling Sessions are limited to a maximum of five persons only.

Contact us here to book your Ghyll Scrambling session in The Lake District, we look forward to working with you!

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