Wednesday 26 April 2017

In the run up to: and during Easter weekend 2017 with Kendal Mountaineering Services.

Hi Folks, it's been over a fortnight since we've posted anything on our Blog, so for those of you who follow that - here's an update or two!

Working; and keeping on top of social media too is quite a time consuming business - regular updates have been posted to our Facebook page though!

After our busy first week in April spending loads of time with people Rock Climbing & Scrambling in gorgeous weather, we had a few days off and then came back to...not such good weather! In fact we had to cancel day one of Sue & John Paddon's learning to lead Rock Climbing Course. However, we did manage to get out on the second day (photo one) and give Sue & John enough skills that they now feel confident about their ability to go out and climb multi-pitch rock routes. Job done!

On Easter Friday, we had a booking courtesy of Bowness Bay Tourist Information Centre who had been handing our leaflets out. This resulted in a call from James McNeilis and his girlfriend Claire who had travelled from London to spend their Easter break in The Lake District and were interested in Abseiling.

Iain met the pair at Skelwith bridge and took them along to Hodge Close Quarry - the Lake District's most epic abseiling venue.

In the woods seemingly on the middle of nowhere, a vast pit has been hewn out of the local slate resulting in 3 different places where one can abseil - an easy angled slab about 35 metres long just to get you started, a shorter more vertical drop to get some more adrenaline flowing and "the big one" the abseil into Parrock Quarry at over 40 metres in vertical height. James & Claire attempted all three abseils and can be seen in photo two attempting a tandem abseil (yes that's right - they both go together!!) at the easy slab. Good effort you two!

Saturday Morning saw Iain meeting Simon Eddison & his fiance Vicky in Borrowdale for some Introductory Rock Climbing. The pair had been getting out at their local climbing wall (they also live in London) and were wanting to try out some climbing on real rock whilst they were staying in the Keswick area.

Iain took Simon & Vicky to Brown Slabs, Shepherd's Crag - a famous venue for trad rock climbing of all grades. Brown Slabs is...a big slab of rock with loads of long easy routes where beginners can get stuck in to really enjoying rock climbing.

Iain set up a top rope - bottom belay system similar to that used in a climbing wall. The rope is anchored to the top of the crag and the climber climbs up from the bottom whilst being belayed by an another person (see photo three). It's a great, easy way to take those first steps on to outdoor rock in safety. Simon & Vicky loved it!

Sunday saw Iain working in a completely different environment - on water, not rock! As it happened, the weather was now completely unfit for any form of outdoor rock climbing having turned cold and wet, miserable indeed!

Iain had a double half day session from Fell foot Country Park on Windermere teaching people the art of Kayaking. Firstly, he was joined by Peter Newman who merely wanted to have a go as he is considering getting into the sport of Sea Kayaking. And then in the afternoon, Iain was joined by Conrad & Matthew Hall from Skipton (photo four) who have already bought their own kayaks and had been sent to Iain by Mum - Yvonne, to get some skills training. Iain spent the afternoon showing the pair all of the skills he could think of to get them started out in their kayaks - he thinks they'll do alright!

So that was our busy Easter period; a combination of skills training courses and activity sessions; and nine clients go away having learned new skills and improved their self confidence - as well as having had a great time - of course! And you can expect to have a great time with us too when you book your outdoor activity session or Skills Training Course in The Lake District. Contact us here to enquire, you won't be disappointed!

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