Tuesday 11 April 2017

Introductory Rock Climbing Sessions in The Lake District. Shepherd's Crag, Borrowdale. Monday 3rd April 2017.

Last Monday, Iain met Adrian Valentine & his son Joshua in Borrowdale for an Introductory Rock Climbing Session in The Lake District.

Josh and his dad have been doing some rock climbing at their local climbing wall in Hertfordshire and during this visit to The Lake District Adrian wanted to introduce Josh to the delights of climbing out of doors on real rock. This was something quite new to Josh, but he took to it well (photo one).

The pair were staying near Buttermere, but Iain persuaded them to come over to Borrowdale and meet home near Shepherds Crag which has a number of great Introductory Rock Climbing venues - ideal for trying out your first real rock climb!
The system we set up here for Adrian & Josh, is very similar to what you'd expect to find at your local indoor rock climbing wall - but no multi-coloured holds bolted to the rock here - sorry!

The belaying system is the same though. The climbing rope is anchored to the top of the crag and both ends of the rope hang down to the foot of the rock face. The climber is tied on to one end of the rope and the belayer operates from the other side of the rope. Photo two demonstrates how the system works - as Josh climbs up the rock, Dad "takes the rope in" on the other side keeping the rope between the pair tight so that if Josh were to slip, he would not fall.

The idea once one reaches the top of the climb, is that you lean back and put your weight on the rope; and are lowered back down by the belayer. Josh wasn't keen to do that so Iain had to climb up and walk him back down the path from the top of the crag in several occasions. This was no problem at all as we wanted the little chap's first experience on rock to be a positive as it could be!

Josh is only nine years old and needed fairly regular rests from rock climbing. This presented Dad - Adrian, with an opportunity to have a go at rock climbing himself and he was very happy to do this.

Photo three sees Adrian; ( being belayed by Iain) who, having reached the top of the rock climb, is now being lowered back down the crag. Adrian, had enough confidence that he was willing to allow Iain to lower him whilst he leaned out backwards with straight legs and walked backwards down the crag. When abseiling, it is important that you keep your body straight and have your feet flat on the rocks at all times - even if it means leaning out even further backwards.

We do run Abseiling Sessions in The Lake District in their own right as an activity - ideal for Stag & Hen Events and great for getting a real adrenaline rush!

Adrian paid just £50 each for an Introductory Rock Climbing Session in The Lake District for himself and Josh and was very happy with what they received for the money. Their fee included the provision of helmets, harnesses; and coaching by an experienced and enthusiastic Mountaineering Instructor who knows all of the best rock climbing venues in The Lake District from where to run your Introductory Rock Climbing Session. Photo four is the view from our rock climbing venue at Upper Shepherd's Crag in Borrowdale - looking straight up the valley, isn't that view just stunning!

Contact Iain at Kendal Mountaineering Services here to book your Introductory Rock Climbing Course in The Lake District here - you won't be disappointed!

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