Tuesday 25 August 2009

Ghyll scrambling, August 20th

Iain had two days off after working with Gary Walker and was then back into the fray meeting Mandy Saunders & Family for a half day of ghyll scrambling in the Thirlmere area.

Once again it had decided to pour it down over night and Iains intended venue turned out to be in full spate - a definite no for ghyll scrambling!

However, Iain also knew of a nearby stream which would be ideal in these conditions and it turned out to be perfect. The group headed up it amid bursts of heavy rain and strong winds - a truly atmospheric day.

These two pictures give an indication of what the conditions were like but despite that ,Mandy and her friend Fran thoroughly enjoyed their session with us and were very appreciative of the hot drink when we got back to the vehicles.

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