Tuesday 25 August 2009

ML Training, 21st & 22nd August

After his wet ghyll scrambling experience, Iain was straight back out the next day working on an ML Training course for a client.

This picture shows Tim, Mike, Alex and Steve as we headed up on to the south side of Crinkle Crags in The Lake District. The weather, by this time was improving and the day gradually dried up as we navigated our way over Crinkle Crags to Three tarns before descending to our intended camp site.

There were two of us instructors out during this ML training expedition and we arrived to find the other team had already set up camp. We all set up our tents, had some food and then went on to discuss the days events and contemplate the night navigation session. We had a lovely sunset and finally started the night nav session at 21:15 lasting until midnight.

During the night nav the weather was cold and windy but there was no mist or rain to make things more difficult although a few people were to regret the fact that they had left the spare batteries they'd bought back in the tents!!!

After a relatively liesurely get up the
next morning, we all walked back to the van in much warmer and sunnier conditions and then headed to Seathwaite in the Duddon Valley to practice rivers crossings in the Duddon.

This picture shows the group practicing the "line astern" method, nicely cooling off their feet in the process. After river crossings it was back to the centre for individual debriefs and then everyone departed contemplating what they needed to do between now & assessment - we wish them all the best of luck!

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