Sunday 16 August 2009

Open Canoeing on the 13th of August

Wednesday 12th August saw Iain working for a client on Ullswater in the Lake District providing a multi-activity day which consisted of open canoeing, an abseil and a ghyll scrambling session - quite a lot to fit in, in 7 hours.

All of these pictures were taken on the 13th when Iain had his own clients - a party of six wanting an afternoon of open canoeing. Being based at White Cross Caravan Park on Windermere this lake was the ideal place to go and we were fortunate indeed to be able to lauch at the venue.

So, after an introductory session in which the family learned the basics of handling an open canoe, we set off north up the eastern shore of Windermere towards Ambleside. Every now and again Iain would throw in a little challenge - this one everyone found exciting as it can make the boat very wobbly, but no-one fell in!

The weather on this day was fantastic - warm but not too hot or too sunny and no wind - ideal for an open canoe session!

Eventually we reached Ambleside at Waterhead which is quite a distance from White Cross Bay. Unfortunately we didn't have enough money between us for ice creams, but Iain had brought along the Kendal Mountaineering Services brew kit and biscuits and of course the hot chocolate was drunk with enthusiasm. Almost all of the ginger nuts disappeared too!

After this, we returned to White Cross Bay and packed up, but not before the lads had capsized the girls canoe - boys will be boys!

The family had this to say about their afternoon out with us:-

"Iain was very patient teaching all of us beginners how to paddle a Canadian Canoe. We all learnt new skills and had a fantastic afternoon. We would happily recommend Kendal Mountaineering services anytime - a great experience and great value for money."

Thanks again.

Mick, Jane, Cath, Jen, Barney & Michael

And it was such a nice afternoon that having loaded the kit up, Iain threw the roof off the Kendal Mountaineering Services Land Rover and thoroughly enjoyed his drive back to the kit store.

In Iains words "a great end to a fab day!"

More blog posts to follow soon.

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