Friday 6 June 2014

Outdoor Activities in The Lake District. May 25th 2014

After our Map Reading & Navigation Skills Training Course in The Lake District on Saturday, Iain was back out the next day with returning client Jay Keshur & his mates for a Canyoning & Kayaking Activity day in The Lake District.

Photo one shows the group as we prepared to go Canyoning in Church Beck at Coniston on the Sunday morning and a nice day it was too!
Photo two sees one of the group as Iain lowered him down the Miners Bridge Waterfall on Church Beck. Canyoning sessions in The Lake District consist of abseiling down waterfalls or jumping off the top of waterfalls into pools. It is great fun, challenging, exhilarating and thoroughly refreshing as you spend all of your time in the water. We do, however, give you wetsuits, cagoules, buoyancy aids and walking boots to help keep you comfortable during all of the immersion you are likely to experience and helmets & harnesses to protect you during the abseils or jumps. This group thoroughly enjoyed their Canyoning Session in The Lake District with us.

We spent almost 3 hours in canyoning in Church Beck before getting out and going for lunch - well, the group went for lunch anyway!

Iain stayed with the equipment - hanging out the wetsuits & cagoules to dry them a bit as they would be needed for the afternoon Kayaking Session on Coniston Water. Jay & his mates enjoyed a liesurely lunch at the nearby Black Bull Hotel in Coniston before we drove down the east shore of the lake to find a suitable place from which to run our Lake District Kayaking Session. Photo three sees the group enjoying one of a number of kayaking games Iain offered them whilst on the water - all good fun and they loved it!

Some of the group hadn't paddled a kayak before and initially struggled to manoeuvre the craft. It's all a case of balancing the length & power of your paddling strokes and keeping the kayak sat level on the water. As can be seen in photo four - the team were now paddling in formation as we returned to our get in point on the lake so everyone was getting the hang of kayaking after a bit of decent tuition. Good stuff!

Jay and his mates had a great, fun filled & action packed day of outdoor activities with us and paid just £65 each for a full eight hour day. The price per person includes all of the equipment you see everyone wearing; and of course the kayaks & paddles too! We reckon our Outdoor Activity packages in The Lake District offer great value for money and we offer discounts depending on your group size and we'll even knock off  a bit more for children. So, if you are thinking of trying some Outdoor Activities over the Summer in The Lake District with your family, friends or Stag/Hen Party then contact us to get a quote. We'll be happy to help!

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