Monday 16 June 2014

Rock climbing half day Sessions in The Lake District. Hutton Roof, Saturday June 14th 2014.

Last Saturday, Iain ran a bespoke Introductory Rock Climbing Session for Tanya Ridgewell. As with many people who enquire about our Lake District based Introductory Rock Climbing Courses, Tanya had gained a fair bit of experience at her local climbing wall at The Sands Centre in Carlise, but wanted to gain some experience of climbing outdoors on real rock.

However, Tanya was on her own and this is something most Lake District Climbing businesses would have baulked at - considering it not worth their while to take one person on an introductory Climbing Session. At Kendal Mountaineering Services, we have a minimum group size of two for either our half or full day sessions, but we will work with one person - provided they are prepared to pay the two person rate!

We are one of the few Lake District Outdoor Activity businesses to do this!

Our half day sessions start at £45 per person - so for one person to come along this means we will charge that person £90. This might sound a lot, but hopefully, we can continue and put this into perspective for small groups and individuals who may be thinking about booking a half day Introductory Climbing Session or indeed - any other outdoor activity courses in The Lake District.

As well as only being able to attend on her own, Tanya had no transport. She was willing to travel from Carlsile to Kendal & back - but was going to need transport to & from the climbing venue.

Iain was happy to collect Tanya from Oxenholme Station and return her to there at a time that meant she didn't have to wait around. Having collected Tanya at 10:30 and subsequently dropped her back at the station for 4pm meant that she actually got extra climbing time for her fee as well as free transport!

For convenience, but also because Iain felt it would fit in with Tanya's requirements, he took her to Hutton Roof. This single pitch climbing venue is actually outside of the Lake District and only a 25 minute drive from Kendal. The rock is Limestone and routes range from Moderate to E15c. Whilst the highest routes on the crag are no more than 6 metres - it was an ideal place to set up the sort of top rope system usually associated with an Introductory Climbing Session and then Iain could belay whilst Tanya climbed to her hearts content!

So there you go - the undivided attention of a qualified and experienced Mountaineering Instructor for four hours of rock climbing time at a great little outdoor climbing venue, with transport included! Hopefully, now £90 doesn't sound too steep for your own bespoke session! All we are trying to say really is that at Kendal Mountaineering Services, we will always do our best to make sure that you get get the sort of session you want!

Contact us here for any information about our outdoor courses or to book your bespoke outdoor activity package. We are happy to help and look forward to working with you.

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