Friday 6 June 2014

Outdoor Activity Holidays in The Lake District June 3rd & 4th 2014, Borrowdale.

In Borrowdale 3 times in three weeks! Iain thinks that's not bad going at all as it has to be one of the Lake District's nicest valleys in which to work - with a beautiful lake - Derwant Water and the equally pretty & interesting River Derwent on which to canoe or kayak, lots of crags on which to climb; and some great ghylls in which to go Gorge Walking.

Borrowdale's got the lot; and don't be put off booking us because we are based in Kendal - the whole Lake District is our playground and we will run your outdoor activity Sessions & Skills Training Courses in any location at any time!

On this occasion, we were working for another provider with one of their clients - a primary school from Wolverhampton who come during this week every year to stay in Borrowdale at Longthwaite Youth Hostel. Today, Iain worked at Upper Shepherds Crag running an introductory climbing session for two of the schools groups (photo one). The weather was fine & dry and most of the time a breeze kept the Midges down. All of the children achieved some success at climbing and working with each other as can be seen in photo one.

On day two, rain was forecast to arrive and it did shortly after this photo was taken - just as we reached the top of Castle Crag. To get to this point we had walked two miles from the Youth Hostel, through farmland and wood to reach the bridleway in photo two which runs between Grange in Borrowdale and Honister Pass.

As we arrived at the top of Castle Crag, the drizzle started and Derwent Water started to disappear under a grey veil of rain. To the south, we could see Scafell pike for a while until that too, disappeared in cloud.

Our walk back to the hostel was taken alongside the pretty River Derwent where we spent a bit of time looking out for Brown Trout with considerable success.

After lunch at the hostel, all of the group kitted up in plenty of fleecy layers, waterproofs and walking boots as we headed off to Hause Gill at Seatoller for our Lake District Ghyll Scrambling Session.

Hause Gill was popular today with at least two other groups already in when we arrived; and another three of our groups following along behind Iain.

The Midges must have been absolutely delighted as we were almost constantly within a cloud of them. Iain's advice to the children was to constantly splash their faces with water as Midges don't seem to like wet faces that much - it worked and we were able to have a great fun Ghyll Scrambling Session making our way upstream and having all manner of fun along the way (photo three).

If you are planning to visit The Lake District in the coming summer holidays - then give us a call to arrange some outdoor activities for you & your children. These children all tried Rock Climbing, Guided Hill Walking, Gorge Walking (also known as Ghyll Scrambling) and Canadian Canoeing and we can arrange similar packages to suit you. Prices start at £45 per person for a half day session with additional discounts for children. We look forward to working with you.

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