Monday 4 August 2014

Ghyll Scrambling in The Lake District, Church Beck, Coniston. July 30th 2014.

Last Wednesday, Iain was once again working for The Scouts providing another great Outdoor Activity Session - this time Ghyll Scrambling in The Lake District at Church Beck, Coniston.

Today's group were the 1st Holborn Scout Group from King's Cross in London. The group were enjoying a weeks camping and outdoor activities in The Lake District and were staying at Great Tower Scout Camp near Windermere.

Photo one shows the group getting stuck in as we set off up the lower part of Church Beck - wading through the first really deep pool we come across on this Ghyll Scrambling Ascent.

It is clear that the group were enjoying themselves immensely already!
In photo two, the group take a wet pose for this photograph, at this point we had travelled some 300metres on this Ghyll Scrambling ascent and there were another 500metres to go.

A little further on there is a deep pool with a waterfall and there are several places from which to jump in from the rocky sides. You'll will be fine jumping as long as you bring your feet up to prevent striking the bottom - even though the pool is deep enough to swim in.

Above that one eventually comes to the tree in photo three.

Photo three sees one of the group enjoying a wet challenge. The tree lies across the bed of the ghyll and has a gap underneath it into which most of the water flows - unless there is a lot of water in which case it will be flowing over the top and it would not be possible to do what we see group members doing here!

The idea is to lie on your back and stick your head & shoulders through first - into the falling water! However, if you keep your nose up against the tree you can avoid getting a faceful!

It was quite a tight squeeze for the young chap in this photo - you can see by the water that he all but blocked the hole! Just like everyone else, he thoroughly enjoyed the experience though!
The final photo from this Ghyll Scrambling Session in The Lake District sees the group at the big pool just before the area known as the "top jumps".

The top jumps can be read about in this post and we do them as part of our Canyoning Descents of Church Beck which we consider to be even more fun than Ghyll Scrambling here.

Just above the waterfall in this photo, we exited Church Beck with this group and then Iain demonstrated the high jump of the left hand bank and the slide down the chockstone pitch back into the pool where the group were waiting. After that we all got out and went for coffee & cake in Ambleside.

Our Ghyll Scrambling and Canyoning Sessions in The Lake District cost £45 per person for a four hour session and this includes the provision of wetsuit, walking boots, cagoule, buoyancy aid, helmet & harness each. For the ultimate ghyll scrambling experience in the Lake District you should also consider our all day Esk Gorge Trips. Contact us here to make your booking.

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