Thursday 21 August 2014

Ghyll Scrambling in The Lake District. Tuesday 12th August 2014.

We were back in Church beck On August 12th - this time with the Exodus Explorer Scouts from Royston in Hertfordshire. Once again Iain was working on behalf on Great Tower Scout Activity Centre as lead instructor being supported by three very able members of Great Tower's own staff team.

Photo one shows the group as we entered Church Beck next to the Hydro Electic Power Plant to commence our ghyll scrambling ascent of this Lake District Venue.
Ghyll Scrambling also often known as Gorge Walking is, in fact, the same activity and refers to walking up a mountain stream bed - getting throughly wet in the process.

The whole activity is very much fun (provided it's not too cold), is challenging and often involve members of a Ghyll Scrambling group looking after each other. It's great way to get to know someone new!

Ghyll Scrambling is great fun for any family and children of any age. We also find it very popular with Stag & Hen Parties looking for an event with a difference and we have a corporate client - Nucleargraduates, who regularly use this activity as an icebreaker for successful applicants joining their two year apprentice-ship programme. So Ghyll Scrambling can be used to faciliate a specific outcome as well as being fun and exhilarating!

For these young people however, Ghyll Scrambling was meant to be a blast whilst away on a weeks holiday in The Lake District - a great place to try out almost any outdoor activity you fancy.

We made our way up Church Beck - climbing up waterfalls such as the one in photo three, swimming through pools, crawling under logs in the full flow of the water; and you can tell from the photos that veryone was having plain old good fun!

Ghyll Scrambling is something that everyone should try at least once. And if that's not enough - then try this!

This particular group were lucky to have Iain along as he has over 20 year experience of providing exhilarating, fun and challenging  outdoor experiences to young people & adults.

The scene in photo four is the one usually seen at the end of one of our own Canyoning Sessions in The Lake District and this is the place where most ghyll scrambling ascents of Church Beck end. However, with Iain's knowledge of this venue and his perception of the ability of the group on this occasion he felt it appropriate to offer this group a "grand finale".

This grand finale was the same as we offer our own clients on the Canyoning descent of Church Beck - that being a slide down the waterfall behind the group after doing a 20 foot jump from the left hand bank (as in this photo) into the deep pool above the waterslide. All of the young people in the photo did it and they all loved it!

If you want to experience  Ghyll Scrambling or Canyoning in The Lake District then contact us. We provide a high standard of personal protective - all included in your fee per person and we will go that extra mile to make sure that you have a great session and that we exceed your expectations. Prices start at £45 per person for a half day (four hour) session. We look forward to working with you.

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