Sunday 10 August 2014

Ghyll Scrambling in The Lake District. Church Beck, 9th August 2014.

Yesterday, we were out at Church Beck at Coniston - once again, with another scout group visiting The Lake District. This time the group were from the 1st Biggar & Tinto Scout Group from South Lanarkshire.

The weather was warm & sunny (just like a few weeks ago) as we set off into Church Beck by the hydro-electric power plant to begin our ghyll scrambling session at this venue. (photo one)
Photo two sees some of the scout group a while later. By this point we had travelled 200 metres, wading & swimming through pools and climbing up waterfalls.

Just below this point the group had enjoyed their first jump from the sides into a deep pool - getting thoroughly soaked in the process and they were now enjoying scrambling up the next low waterfall. They certainly look like they are having fun and that is what Ghyll Scrambling (or Gorge Walking as is is also known) is all about!
In all of our Ghyll Scrambling Sessions, we try to include as many elements of challenge as we can; and in photo three, the girl you can see has just climbed the first really decent waterfall you get to on the upstream ascent of Church Beck.

The waterfall is only six feet high, but trying to climb up the rock through falling water is a real challenge for anyone; although all but one of our group were keen to give it a try and succeeded in getting to the top.

In all situations where a slip could turn into something more serious, we do make sure that people are attached to a tight rope; and almost everyone did slip at some point whilst climbing here today!

Our final photograph from this Ghyll Scrambling Session in The lake District sees the group having a final plunge and jump in the last pool before the gorge gets really serious (the scene of our Canyoning Descents of Church Beck).

By now, some of our smaller group members were starting to get really quite cold (they were only wearing thin sailing suits over their personal clothing) so just above here we exited the ghyll to the track and back into the sunlight to warm up.

On this occasion, we were working for another provider and the clients were using their equipment.

If you come on a ghyll Scrambling Session with Kendal Mountaineering Services, then you'll always get a wetsuit provided which provides good insulation against the cold, We also provide cagoules, buoyancy aids, harnesses, helmets and walking boots which give much better protection, ankle support and grip than the training shoes we see many other clients being asked to wear who have booked on to cheaper sessions with our competitors.

This is all worth thinking about when booking a ghyll Scrambling or Gorge Walking Activity Session in The Lake District - what do you really get for your money? You should at least be properly kitted out to keep you warm and give you maximum protection - so that you can get maximum enjoyment from your session. All of these considerations are our first priority when you book your activity session with us - so, Contact us here to make your booking. Our prices start at £45 per adult and £35 for children for a four hour session. Great fun for all the family!

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