Tuesday 26 July 2016

Canyoning Sessions in The Lake District. July 21st 2016. Church Beck, Coniston.

Last Wednesday afternoon, we were contacted by Martin Buckthorpe looking for a Canyoning Session in The Lake District at short notice. We couldn't help Martin on either Friday or Saturday - but would Thursday Morning do? It would!

Iain met Martin & his girlfriend Kirstin at Coniston at 09:00 on the Thursday Morning, we got kitted out in wetsuits, cagoules, buoyancy aids, helmets & harnesses before setting off up the track to Coppermines Valley and Church Beck.

Photo one sees the pair just after we had gotten all of our equipment on prior to setting off downstream. If you come on either a Ghyll Scrambling or Canyoning Session in The Lake District with Kendal Mountaineering Services - you can expect to receive all of this equipment as part of your fee. The same cannot be said of all our competitors often offering the same activity but for less money; and hence less personal protective equipment!

Straightaway on our Canyoning Descent of Church beck, we are in to our first waterfall lower.

This is a challenging introduction to anyone attending one of our Canyoning Descents. You are attached to a rope which is then paid out as you crawl/slide backwards towards a vertical drop. Of course the rope is kept tight to protect you and control your descent.

The vertical drop is not high - only around eight feet, but you descend amidst the waterfall; and land in a deep pool at it's foot. A thorough soaking is what you get - but it is exhilarating fun; and you'll be warm in that wet-suit once the initial soaking is over.

Martin's girlfriend certainly looks at though she is enjoying the first waterfall lower in photo one. Martin, who has already done the descent, looks on on the background.

Photo three was taken some time later. After the first waterfall lower, we did a short jump into a deep pool only a short distance beyond. After that, a short walk downstream with the water takes us to an area of greasy slabs best avoided on dry rock.

After passing under Miner's Bridge, we do the higher & longer Miners Bridge waterfall lower. Below here, the gorge narrows & deepens as one arrives at "The Top Jumps". Here are three waterfalls and three deep pools. The first waterfall is a 12 foot drop into a narrow slot which is risky - so we reduce the risk by traversing out to a wider section and our clients approach us; roped to protect them; and after a 6 feet lower they are able to jump into a wider section of the pool below the slot.

The middle waterfall, we generally climb down as again, the jump is risky. The final waterfall - seen in photo and known as "the chock-stone slide is just that, a slide down the stone into the pool below. Very exhilarating - yet perfectly safe!

The final part of our Canyoning Descent of Church beck is actually a Ghyll Scrambling ascent. Ghyll Scrambling refers to the sport of going upstream, swimming through pools, climbing up waterfalls. There is a waterfall just upstream from the point where Church Beck becomes private property (unless you want to pay £6 per person to go there!) which can be climbed - roped. To do this gives people the challenging option of climbing up through a waterfall.

We can also finish off your Church Beck Canyoning Session with one last thing and that is a high jump, made from the side of the ravine into the middle pool in the section of the the top jumps.

This 20 foot high jump is challenging and exhilarating; and also allows you to do the chock-stone slide one last time.

Martin & Kirsten paid just £45 each for their half day(four hour) Canyoning Session in The Lake District with Iain. If you think this is expensive, it's not! One instructor to two of you and with all of the equipment provided - and for up to four hours too! We do give discounts for bigger groups and children, so if you are looking for something that is wet, fun, exhilarating & challenging to do over the Summer Holidays - then this is the activity for you!

Contact us here to book your own Canyoning Session in The Lake District. We look forward to working with you!

Looking or the ultimate challenge in wet fun in The Lake District? Then book an Esk Gorge Day with us! Prices start at just £75 per person!

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