Tuesday 26 July 2016

Stag Events in The Lake District. Saturday July 23rd, 2016. Stickle Ghyll & Coniston Water.

Last Saturday, we were out in The Lake District providing a Stag Day for Tom Evans & his mates.

Many Stag groups these days are looking for a Stag Event with a difference and Stag Events involving outdoor activities have become increasingly popular in the UK.

Groups can browse our comprehensive list of outdoor activity sessions in The Lake District. This group chose Ghyll Scrambling and Raft Building as the two activities for their Stag Event
So what is Ghyll Scrambling? Well, it is definitely one of our most popular Summer Outdoor Activities. It involves getting clad in a wet-suit and cagoule, you are also provided with walking boots to give you good grip in the bed of the stream, a helmet to protect your head and a harness to allow you to be roped up those tricky & slippery sections where a slip could turn into something more serious.

Photos one & two see Tom & his mates enjoying  the fun that Ghyll Scrambling has to offer - immersion in a mountain stream (a Ghyll), walking upstream - wading & swimming through pools and climbing up waterfalls.

This particular Stag Group were very able and took to Ghyll Scrambling well. We used Stickle Ghyll in Langdale as the venue and made rapid progress upstream climbing up waterfalls and swimming through as well as jumping into pools.

We finished off with a final "new" waterfall that Iain hasn't climbed before where everyone had to get right into the flow and climb up (photo three). This was challenging and exhilarating, but made safe by use of a tight rope. Everyone definitely got a face-full  of Stickle Ghyll here!

Our Ghyll Scrambling Sessions start at £45 per person for a half day (four hour) session, but the larger your group, the less you'll pay per head. These sessions are great fun for a Stag or Hen Event, but just as much fun with the family and we do provide addition discounts for family groups as we know how  expensive an activity session become when you have the whole family to pay for! Contact us at the foot of this post to get a quote for one of our Fantastic Ghyll Scrambling Sessions in The Lake District.

After the Stag Group's  Ghyll Scrambling Session, we travelled to Coniston for lunch before beginning the group's second Stag Activity - Raft Building.

As there were only six persons, this was not quite enough to justify two rafts, so we brought along six wooden spars, four barrels and enough lashings (lengths of rope) to allow the guys to build one raft - significantly large enough to fit everyone one though.

We allowed the group to design their own raft (photo four) on the east shore of Coniston water where there is free parking and plenty of beach space to build a raft on.

Eventually, the group came up with a design and started to build their raft. We decided to stand back  and see what the group came up with and how well they built it.

The penalty for a poor raft design is usually a ducking when the raft falls apart, but this is safe and all part of the fun when everyone falls in! Iain's biggest concern about this Stag Group's design was that they chose to group all of the barrels together in the centre of the raft - when the length of the spars would have allowed them to put a barrel at "either corner" making it much more stable. However, as can be seen in photo five, the guys were not only able to get on their raft , but they also managed to keep it upright and paddle it too!Good effort!

Our final photo from this post about a Stag Event in The Lake District sees Tom's team back on dry land, with their raft - still intact!

They had enjoyed designing and building the raft and then of course, they had all shared in the success of paddling it a short distance around Coniston Water. It wasn't the most manoeuvrable craft and worked better this way up (initially it had been paddled with the framework at the bottom).

All that remained now was for the raft to be stripped down & packed away!

Tom Evan's Stag Group enjoyed a very satisfying Stag Event with us in The Lake District and you can too. This group paid only £70 per person for a full day of exhilarating fun with all of the equipment needed for each activity provide by us. Contact us here to book your Stag or Hen Event in The Lake District and be assured that you'll receive a fun and value for money day out that you will never forget! We look forward to working with you!

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