Wednesday 13 July 2016

Corporate Events in The Lake District with Kendal Mountaineering Services. Seco Tools. July 7th & 8th 2016.

During last Thursday & Friday, we ran another Corporate Team Building Event for Seco Tools based in Alcester, Warwickshire.

This company came to us three years ago looking for a Team Building Event and following the success of that decided to return again.  There has recently been a restructuring of the sales team within the business and a number of new employees have been engaged. It was felt that another Corporate Team Building event with us would help to "bond" the new sales team with the ultimate aim of improving efficiency and sales.

As with the last Corporate Event we ran for Seco Tools, we started off with a competitive Team Task - Product Assembly in which the group is split four ways, given a brief and then asked to build a structure, correctly, in as short a time a possible.

In order to do this, the groups each had to devise a plan based around the brief and its constraints, discuss ideas, trial them an implement the solution.  The task ended with two "timed" assemblies against the other sub-groups. The winning team got from stacked components to assembled product in 17 seconds!

The second phase of the first afternoon was to go Canyoning in nearby Church Beck. Canyoning, for this group was intended to involve an element of challenge. For many of the sales personnel here the idea of climbing across exposed ground, jumping from height into pools of water or climbing up waterfalls whilst getting a face-full and being thoroughly soaked was something that none of them would normally entertain.

However, the group did all of these things; and with enthusiasm too as well as support & encouragement for each other. Above all, they had great fun that will be remembered - just as this activity was by those who had attended three years ago!

Having completed the afternoon's tasks, our next job was to get the group into their overnight accommodation.

As with the previous Corporate Team Building Event we ran for Seco Tools, the company had asked for something "rustic" and basic accommodation-wise. As it happened, the same climbing club hut that we used last time was available again and the company was happy to return there.

We had been asked to provide the group with ingredients to make their own evening meal  of Chilli Con Carne, however, whilst we had been Canyoning one of out staff team had prepared this for them. Photo three sees the group in the hut kitchen getting stuck into the hors d' oeuvres and beer prior to settling down to supper and a good evening in together in the remote location that the hut provided.

The next morning, we arrived early to prepare a good breakfast for the group. Cereals, tea coffee, toast & jam were followed by a "full English  Breakfast" of bacon eggs, sausage, baked beans and scrambled egg.

The group were up when we arrived, having enjoyed the evening in each others company and we had a considerable amount of help from them with preparing breakfast and then doing the dishes and cleaning the hut from top to bottom afterwards. Good stuff!

At Kendal Mountaineering Services, we offer a great deal more than the name suggests and for the Seco Tools Team-building Event, we arranged & staffed appropriate activities & tasks, arranged the accommodation and food; and provided transport for the group's baggage from the car park to the hut and back.

Our company slogan is "Giving you what you want"and this approach is applied to any aspect of our product whether it be a corporate course, Stag or Hen event, Skills Training Course or Outdoor Activity Session. Let us know what your requirements are and we will design a course or event to suit your needs!

And to finish off on Friday morning, we had decided to offer something completely different to the last group's Canadian Canoeing Session on Windermere but instead, give the group another task which again required teamwork, communication & planning - Strategy Orienteering.

Strategy Orienteering involved dividing into sub-groups again with each group being required to locate 35 different orienteering markers all located within 1 kilometre of Tranearth, with each marker being worth points.

The idea was to find all 35 markers during three separate collection phases and gain all of the points. However, there were penalties if a marker was not collected and if the group didn't arrive back before the end of each collection phase.  Again, a brief was provided and the group had to plan who was going where to collect which markers during each phase.

This was physically demanding work for each group but the planning done by each team worked well. All three subgroups gained high scores and few penalties; and it proved to be another useful exercise in getting all team members working together.

By the time we finished this task it was almost mid-day and the group needed to be gone as some were driving as far as the south coast to get back home that evening.The feedback we have had so far is that the sales-force and sales managers were very pleased with what we provided and that we can expect to see another group from Seco Tools in the Autumn - we look forward to that.

If you would like a corporate Team Building Event organising in The Lake District utilising all that the area has to offer then  we would be very pleased to design a package for you, so please contact us to discuss your requirements. We look forward to working with you!

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