Saturday 20 August 2016

Kayaking Journeys in The Lake District. Derwentwater & the Middle Derwent. Friday 19th August 2016.

Yesterday, Iain was back out with Steven, Guy, Nathan & Sam for a completely different adventure on water - rather than in it if possible!

The weather was also different, cooler, cloudy and wet as a forecasted low pressure system moved in off the Atlantic - this was why we had chosen to go to The Esk Gorge the previous day; and a good plan that had been too!

At part of their two days out with Iain, Steven had wanted the lads to experience Kayaking - preferably on moving water. Firstly, Iain needed them to learn some basic flat water Skills. Where better a place to do both? Derwentwater of course!

We got to Kettlewell Car Park on Derwentwater at about 09:15 and after getting everyone kitted out and all of the equipment ready, Iain's car was moved to a layby near Mirehouse just opposite the land leading up from our "get-out" point on the River Derwent at Low Stock Bridge. Steven then drove Iain back to Kettlewell so we could start the session from there.

We then spent the first half of our day learning skills on Derwentwater (photo two) and lunching on St Herbert's Island before entering the River Derwent to start our "moving water phase" of the day's adventure. Our journey north up Derwentwater had been marked by an increasing south westerly wind which certainly made this first part of the day feel like another "true adventure".

Once on the River Derwent, the "adventure dynamics" changed. Now the group were on a moving river where they didn't know what was around the next bend.

We spent a fair bit of time at the outset talking about back paddling to slow ourselves down in the current, reverse ferry gliding to get ourselves in position on the flow and we evening got out on occasion to view rapids and discuss the best line of descent through these. Exciting - yet technical stuff!

Photo three sees the lads watching Uncle Steven as he attempts to follow their line down the easy rapid in to the eddy in which we were all "parked" waiting. Of course - he made it ok!

Photo four was taken several hours later and some four miles downstream and sees the lads draining out their kayaks after we had exited the river at the get-out point at Low Stock Bridge.

We had negotiated our way through countless easy rapids, taking the safest line each time, we had played (surfed) on a standing wave on the man made weir just downstream from Portinscale footbridge and everyone (except Sam - holding his kayak upright in this photo) had taken at least one swim; and survived! All had learnt new skills in an entirely "new" environment.

All part of a good fun introductory session on moving water we'd say!

This was the second of two exceptionally good "adventure days" for the lads, two different days with different challenges to overcome and new skills to be learnt. Again, we charged Steven just £50 per person for this full day of introductions to flat & moving water kayaking and the lads thoroughly enjoyed themselves. All of the equipment you see the group using in photo four was supplied as part of that fee per person.

If you would like a half or full day of Kayaking on flat or moving water, then contact us to discuss your requirements and we will be happy to arrange a session to suit your needs. You won't be disappointed!

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